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    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    Went twice during the early Mason years and expected a drink poured down my back at any minute. Unfortunately the Gophers did not show on the field at no need for the natives to be restless at all. That was probably good. Still, a lot of energy and Kinnick is not like any other place...
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    All Things 2021 Gophers in the NFL Thread

    Thanks for the update.
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    Locksley presser video

    Not disputing the point but the same can be said for Bolling Green. Yuck. Increasingly thinking this one will be fine. No elements issues. Home game. Just need for the punting to be good in case we're sputtering on offense. Fully expecting the D to show up. Nice feeling actually.
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    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    Cameras are real. Slowing down is advised. Major money generator...
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    Cam Wiley in transfer portal

    Coach emphasized in the presser a student-athletes desire to be closer to home 4 or 5 times on the issue of the portal in reference to Cam. Don't recall where he's from but that comment may be a big hint...
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    So how do you guys really feel about Huskers coming to town?

    On the 4th down going for it thing...memory suggests that in 2019 Tanner was actually put under center for a 1/2 yard gain for the first time in his career and fumbled the snap (but recovered but not for the 1st down). Maybe the Auburn bowl game? Anywho, it is not a given for QBs or centers...
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    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    Give AirBNB a look. Might be interesting. Coralville is close...still have to park somewhere near campus. Locals go to the golf course to park and party. Good luck.
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    This suit!! This coach!! Elite.

    You sir have a tailor's eye. Mrs. Billd said the same. Only answer then is that Coach likes to show his bicep bulge..."Oh Heather, I'm home..."
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    This suit!! This coach!! Elite.

    Report is in... Mrs. Billd notes it's a great suit. The only issue she sees is that he has "the very athletically-fit guy bicep bulge" that could be addressed by the suit being tailored for him. The bicep shows just a bit. BTW to Heather...most women find that attractive (look out!). Her...
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    Tailgating Rules

    Find a spot with some grass on the boulevard and put the pup there...set up a chair and a cooler and you're set.
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    This suit!! This coach!! Elite.

    Mrs. Billd is a costume designer. Have to get her critique. She does appreciate a well-fitted suit. Stay tuned...
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    I chuckle EVERYTIME!

    Yep, she bleeds Maroon and Gold for sure...
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    Fleck presser

    Two very strong compliments to Coach Frost, with high accolades to the QB Martinez. Classy on those.
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    Things going well at Illinois

    Tell us what you really think Coach Bert...
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    This suit!! This coach!! Elite.

    The placement of the lapel block is a work of art.

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