5 things to know about Ohio State

  1. The best wide receiver core in the country plays for the Buckeyes. 

Ohio State has 2 absolute studs in Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson. Last year in a shortened season due to COVID-19, both combined for 93 catches, 1,452 yards for 13 touchdowns… that’s pretty good. Both were selected all Big Ten for their respective positions last year and both should be 1st round draft picks in next year’s upcoming NFL draft. 

  1. Ohio State loves playing against Minnesota. 

Ohio State and Minnesota have played a total of 53 times dating back to 1921. Minnesota has won 7 times which means they have won 13% of the time. That’s impressive in all of the wrong ways… looking back, the Gophers have won against Ohio State about every 20 years. (Last wins 3 wins were in 2000, 1981, and 1966). So maybe this is the year? Probably not. 

  1. Ohio State has won 4 straight Big Ten Championships and is heavily favored to win its 5th. 

Since 2012, Ohio State is an insane 70-4 in Big Ten games. That is like a video game stat. Ohio State is heavily favored to win another Big Ten Championship which would make it 6th in a row. They are so heavily favored that if you bet $100 for them to win, you would only win $33. Ohio State is heavily favored to win the National Championship as well with the 3rd best odds. 

  1. You can blame Ohio State for stickers on helmets. 

The “buckeye leaves” sticker on the helmet tradition started in 1968 with Ohio State trainer Ernie Biggs. He thought of the idea to award players with stickers for motivational purposes. The tradition has been embraced by every Ohio State coach since then with each coach putting their own style on the rules of who deserves a sticker. But mostly, big plays that help the team win, awards you a sticker. Stickers aren’t awarded after a loss. Fun fact: 45 stickers can fit on each side of the helmet. 

  1. Ohio State HAS TALENT. 

This probably doesn’t surprise you but it’s crazy when you take a look at their depth.  I broke down their last 4 recruiting classes and it breaks down like this: combining the last 4 years, they have 16 five-star recruits and 55 four-star recruits and they averaged the 5th-best recruiting class each year. For those who say that “stars don’t matter”, I think Ohio State proves that theory wrong if you look at their success in the last 10 years.

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