’24 Lakeville North wing Jack Robison talks about Gophers offer

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Jack Robison, a 6-foot-6 sophomore wing from Lakeville (MN) North, has already received scholarship offers from Wisconsin and Minnesota and his strong play this fall will likely earn him more recruiting attention. 

Robison averaged 4.1 points per game off the bench on a senior-ladened team with a season-high nine points against Apple Valley. The Panthers finished 13-7 this past season, losing to Rosemount 59-49 in the Section 3AAAA semifinals. 

Robison will carry a much bigger load this upcoming season as the Panthers must replace their top two scorers and five of their top nine. 

Robison shined this spring and summer with the Howard Pulley AAU program. 

Gopher Hole caught up with Robison at their open gym Thursday to learn the latest on his recruitment and the upcoming season. 

Gopher Hole: I know that you have been to quite a few Gopher football games. I think you have been to three, Ohio State, Miami of Ohio and Nebraska. What has that experience been like? 

Jack Robison: It’s been fun — Big Ten football. I’m a big college football fan. It’s been cool to go to the games and create a relationship with the basketball staff. I’ve had a good fall getting to know them.  

Gopher Hole: I know that when I talked to you right after you got back from Georgia, you hadn’t really heard that much from the Gophers. They are trying to make some inroads on the top in-state kids. Is that something you have kind of enjoyed getting to know them after maybe not knowing them because of the coaching change

Jack Robison: I really like all the coaches. Coach Johnson; Coach Thorson. It’s cool all the Minnesota ties they have to Minnesota high school basketball, like Coach Thorson and (Lakeville North’s) Coach (John) Oxton have known each other for like 40 years, so it’s just cool to be a part of that. 

Gopher Hole: I know that they have been to a couple of the open gyms, too? 

Jack Robison: Our first open gym, they brought their whole staff and that was cool, all four of them. Coach Johnson and Coach Thorson have been back a couple of times, so it has been fun   

Gopher Hole: They offered you shortly after that first visit, right? 

Jack Robison: They did. September 12th, maybe, Something like that.  

Gopher Hole: Were you surprised or did you have a feeling the Minnesota offer might be coming? 

Jack Robison: I had a feeling it was coming. I kind of expected it. I didn’t know that day, I was going to get it, but I felt it coming.   

Gopher Hole: You have the two offers. What other schools are you hearing from? 

Jack Robison: Iowa, Iowa State, Stanford, Xavier, Oregon State, St. Thomas and Oklahoma State.  

Gopher Hole: Have you had a chance to go to any other college campuses besides Minnesota? 

Jack Robison: I went down to Iowa, St, Thomas. I am going down to Utah in a couple of weeks and Iowa State, I’m going down there next week.  

Gopher Hole: Were you down there for an Iowa football game? 

Jack Robison: Yes. We were there for practice and a visit and then we went to the Colorado State versus Iowa football game. 

Gopher Hole: What is that experience like getting to check out some of these campuses, especially since you are only a sophomore? Is that nice to check things out ahead of time? 

Jack Robison: Yes, it’s really cool. It just kind of hit. It really went from nothing much all summer and all of a sudden in August, it just hit and getting to know all these people, seeing the campuses, it’s been fun. 

Gopher Hole: You have a lot of expectations for Lakeville North this year. What are you expecting out of this season? 

Jack Robison: We lost a lot of seniors last year, our core group. We are returning like three varsity players, but we have a lot of potential — a lot of skill — a lot of good offensive play. We’re long and most of our team is 6-5 and up. I definitely think we have the potential to make a deep, deep playoff run.  

Gopher Hole: You lost a lot of experience in the backcourt, especially. Do you think you might play a little bit more in the backcourt than you normally would because you lost a lot of key players? 

Jack Robison: We’ll see. We lost our main ballhandlers last year, so we’ll see how it goes, but I’m just looking forward to getting the season started. 

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