’23 Holy Family big man Boden Kapke talks about recent Gophers offer

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Boden Kapke, a 6-foot-11 junior from Victoria (MN) Holy Family Catholic, is one of the top Midwest big men in the Class of 2023. He recently became the third in-state player from the Class of 2023 to receive a scholarship offer from Minnesota.  

Kapke averaged 16.2 points and 11.2 rebounds per game this past season as a sophomore, scoring in double figures in 15 of 17 games. He had five games of 20 points or more points, including a season-high 26 against Waconia and Breck. Holy Family finished 9-10, losing to Minneapolis North 84-47 in the Section 5AA finals.

Kapke attended the Gopher football game versus Bowling Green and Minnesota has been to his open gym.

GopherHole caught up with Kapke Sunday at the Breakdown Fall League at Hopkins to learn more about his hometown offer and upcoming junior season. 

GopherHole: Minnesota offered you recently. Were you figuring that was coming or what was your reaction when you heard about the offer? 

Boden Kapke: I was excited about it, because it was the first one, obviously. Hometown, that was cool, but I am trying to keep my head level. Don’t get too excited. Don’t get too low. 

GopherHole: Your season is starting to come up soon. What are the expectations for Holy Family? 

Boden Kapke: I think we can make a good run here. We were missing some people here today and we are just coming off the football season. I think that we should be able to make a run in sections.   

GopherHole: Any other schools recently been up to your open gyms? (Minnesota, Colorado State, Xavier, Iowa State, Loyola and Davidson were previous visitors). 

Boden Kapke: Wake Forest was up here the other day. Stanford.   

GopherHole: How nice was it to get that first offer? I know that it was something that you were looking forward to and now you kind of got that out of the way. 

Boden Kapke: A little bit of relief, but then I know I got the feeling of success and I want more. 

GopherHole: You had a good season last year, losing to North in the section finals. What is it going to take to get to the state tournament? 

Boden Kapke: I think that (6-9 transfer) Judah (Land) and I are going to have to have some good games and be strong in the post. We are going to have to play well on defense because North has some good guards. Willie (Wilson), Meiko (Anderson) and Jacob (Butler). I’m excited. 

GopherHole: I know talking to your head coach, your schedule is a little bit tougher this year. You are playing against some bigger schools. Is that something you like playing some tougher competition that is hopefully going to get you ready for the postseason? 

Boden Kapke: Yeah, I think that was the idea to play some bigger schools, more aggressive schools to prepare us for the postseason, so we are ready for when it comes. 

GopherHole: Any plans to visit any schools in the next couple of months or is it a little tougher with the season starting? 

Boden Kapke: I visited Iowa a couple of weeks ago and I visited Wisconsin yesterday and that might be it. I might check out Minnesota a couple more times.  

GopherHole: What are you hearing from those two schools; Iowa and Wisconsin? 

Boden Kapke: I think that they are liking what they are seeing. They just want to see me play an actual game because there is only so much to see on film from last year and obviously, I have gotten so much better, so you can see me do stuff in the gym, but I think they want to see me do it against actual defenders. 

GopherHole: I think Iowa was up here recently for an open gym. Was it Coach McCaffery and Coach Dillard? 

Boden Kapke: Yes. It was those two.  

GopherHole: What are you hearing from them? 

Boden Kapke: I think that they are liking what they are seeing. I had a fun time when I was visited. That was good. They just want to see me play a game. 

GopherHole: I know Wisconsin is a school that I have heard from others that you have liked in the past. Was that your first time to really go up there to their campus or had you been up there before? 

Boden Kapke: When I was younger, I went up there. My dad went there. He was in college. He took us down there when we were younger.  

GopherHole: What was that atmosphere like for the Wisconsin-Iowa football game? 

Boden Kapke: That was fun. It was really fun. Everyone going crazy and nuts. Stormed the field at the end. That was fun. 

GopherHole: Does that get you a little more excited about college with that atmosphere knowing that you could be a part of that. Obviously, it’s not football that you are playing, but is it kind of cool to see how the fans really get into it and support the team? 

Boden Kapke: I’m excited because even last year, we didn’t really have fans at our games. Just to see all the fans for our games, that’s fun and I’m excited. 

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