’23 Holy Family big man Boden Kapke Q&A with Gopherhole

Boden Kapke, a 6-foot-11 junior from Victoria (MN) Holy Family Catholic, is one of the top Midwest big men in the Class of 2023. 

Kapke averaged 16.2 points and 11.2 rebounds per game this past season as a sophomore, scoring in double figures in 15 of 17 games. He had five games of 20 points or more points, including a season-high 26 against Waconia and Breck. Holy Family finished 9-10, losing to Minneapolis North 84-47 in the Section 5AA finals.

Kapke attended the Gopher football game versus Bowling Green and Minnesota has been to his open gym.

GopherHole recently caught up with Kapke on October 4th at the Hardwood Elite League at Bloomington Kennedy to learn more about his recruitment and upcoming junior season. Note: Kakpe received a Minnesota offer after this interview as this writer was on a much-needed vacation. 

GopherHole: You were at the Gopher game yesterday as a guest. What was that experience like? 

Boden Kapke: It was fun. I liked the crowd. They brought a lot of energy. It was fun and I liked the practice. I liked how the team responded well when Coach wanted them to bring more energy, they responded well. I liked how Coach Thorson really engages with the big men and really wants to make them better. 

GopherHole: Was that your first college football game that you have gotten to attend? 

Boden Kapke: Yes, on an unofficial visit.  

GopherHole: I know that some coaches went to your open gyms like Minnesota, Xavier, Iowa State, Loyola and Davidson. Anyone else? 

Boden Kapke: Colorado State came in. 

GopherHole: That has to make you feel pretty good that coaches are taking time out of their schedule to come see you. 

Boden Kapke: Yes, it’s nice. 

GopherHole: I think that your game has improved a lot from last year at this time. What do you think has changed the most from your game from last year to this year? 

Boden Kapke: I think just ballhandling and confidence in ballhandling. I’ve been doing drills since last year, but I haven’t been confident enough to do it in games until now, so I think that is a big part.  

GopherHole: You have gotten a little bit bigger since last year? What are you up to height and weight-wise right now? 

Boden Kapke: 6-11, 230. I think I gained 20 pounds and a couple of inches. 

GopherHole: You used to play tight end. How much do you think that helps you as a basketball player in terms of your hands and footwork? 

Boden Kapke: I think it helped because I was blocking, too and I also played a little D end, so I think that helped with just being physical. 

GopherHole: How about your AAU season? I know that you guys had a good year this spring and summer. How pleased were you with how well things went AAU-wise? 

Boden Kapke: I thought it was a good choice to play with D1. I got a lot of exposure. I was happy with that. I played really good competition and I think that made me better. 

GopherHole: What are the expectations for Holy Family? I know that you had a pretty good run in the postseason, losing to a very good Minneapolis North team. What are the expectations this season? 

Boden Kapke: We should make state this year. We got another 6-foot-8-inch player. I think that we’ll be a good duo. Two other kids in my grade will be solid. I think that they will help contribute.  

GopherHole: I know that last year was so weird with COVID and now you are getting some more looks with coaches being able to be out. Are you liking the recruiting process so far? 

Boden Kapke: Yes, it’s fun. I’m just trying to be patient and it will come. 

GopherHole: No offers yet, though? 

Boden Kapke: No. 

GopherHole: What would it mean to you to get that first Division I offer? 

Boden Kapke: I think I would feel a little relieved. It would also help me keep pushing because I would have that feeling that “I got one. I want another one,” 

GopherHole: Minnesota came out to your open gym and had you for a visit yesterday. What are you hearing from the Gophers? 

Boden Kapke: They were just checking up on me. Not much, other than that

GopherHole: I know that Coach Johnson and Coach Thorson have made keeping some of the Minnesota kids in-state a priority. Is that something that they have talked to you about? 

Boden Kapke: A little, not a lot. They went to my open gym and they had me out, which was nice of them. 

GopherHole: What is going to mean to you to play Division I basketball?   

Boden Kapke: It’s kind of been like a dream. That would be cool. My mom played Division I basketball (Maine). That would be cool to play.

GopherHole: Is that where you get the love of the game from your mom? 

Boden Kapke: She coached me in elementary school. My dad has always pushed me to make me better. 

GopherHole: Any other family members play basketball? 

Boden Kapke: My dad’s brother, my uncle, he was just like a basketball fan. He just has been one. He has been to my games. He’s been cool, so I guess that would be one of the reasons. 

GopherHole: Where did you get the size from? 

Boden Kapke: My mom. She is 6-2. All my uncles are 6-4 or taller. My dad is 6-4, so he is not short.  

GopherHole: Is there a potential that you could grow a little taller? Have you talked to your doctors about that? 

Boden Kapke: When I was 6-10, they said one to two more inches, so this could be it. I might get one more, we’ll see.  

GopherHole: You have really worked hard on your game. You have the ability to play inside, but you also have the skills and the fact that you are working on your ballhandling and your outside shooting, to play outside. Do you think that makes you a tough player to guard because you can post up smaller players and if someone leaves you open outside, that you have the confidence to hit that shot? 

Boden Kapke: I think that helps a lot. I think that if I could be just a little quicker, that would make it a lot more dangerous. I think where I am right now makes me a pretty good player. 

GopherHole: You mentioned the home-state school. What would it mean to maybe have the opportunity to play for the Gophers? 

Boden Kapke: That would be cool to stay home. Having some of my friends come to the games. That would be pretty cool.  

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