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PS Wally - I added something to the top of my Hoarse Pill De-wormer post.
Wally, why do you think J.J.MD places the "MD" after his name? I mean he doesn't appear to have the medical intellect to have become an MD or Medical Doctor. What other things could MD stand for? I don't think either of us would go to J.J. MD if we had a splinter in our finger. I think his Idea would be to amputate. For a razor cut under your chin he would place a turnicate around your neck!
Thanks WORD for the thumbs up and like. I will probably be on your board more often this year. because of the low traffic on the TALON TALK board at GSUFANS.COM. I can see the owner shutting the smack board down after this year.
It is hard to fathom the difference between November 25, 2019 and November 28, 2020.

One held a championship ticket, and the hope that Wisconsin would be the next Penn State. Days of anticipation.

The other is considering giving 2021 a pass because when a decade opener shots the bed in such dramatic fashion, it is wholly unreasonable to pin any significant expectations for redemption on the next year up.
You were right Spoofin and thank you for your input. Please read my lat post under vote.
After my military career at Ft Bragg I wanted to resume my dairy/farming career. I moved to a small county half way between Ft Bragg and Charlotte. Since then I have been chairman of the county Republican Party, on the NCGOP executive committee, on the county border of elections, elected to the school board, and started a charter school. I am running for county commissioner this time.
I answered your question about my poor spelling truthfully under your post to me on the open forum.
Your daily up tp date posts on the leftest protesters are needed

All of you know that personal gun sales have increased drasticly in the last 3 months. Two more months of these types of actions will drive personal carry weapons even higher. I hope that people thar carry take and get there personal carry permits and gun safty lessons. I fear that only half will.
WHAT, because Fredericl Douglass counceled the White Ppesident Lincoln on the black plight and injutive of slavery? His statue should be placed near the Lincon monument.
BLM and other leftists took ove about 4 blocks of the city street, person shot, the amblence arived, police bigged the protes to let amblince in. The protesters refused to let the ambulence and parametics in to help the shot young person. The Police said they would stay out just let the ambulence in. I think he died. Where did this take place?????
Please delete my account and every post and thread I created please. I have no time to remain here and would prefer to wipe the slate clean.
Thank you!
Please delete my account as Dean S. I will not be participating in discussions any longer. I will visit the site from time to time. I just won't be participating in discussions. If you would also erase my history on the board, I would appreciate that as well.
Thanks STPGopher for your support and the other great fans on this board!
You doing alright? I sure hope so! We are all humans. Supporting you in any way is easy. That yoke is light. Bless you brother!

How is your Mom? and how are you?
I have not spoken Florida States AD yet. The AD can't force my younger brother into a mental hospital. I'll the AD for a plea deal. If brother checks into a psychometric hospital for a year I will drop the charges against on attack. A better choice for him. He needs to learn how to take care of himself before my mother is no longer around

God bless you!

What year did you graduate from Gustavus? I was a '96 grad. My brother was a '90 grad. Loved life on The Hill and vaguely remember hearing the Debbie Gibson rumors from my brother...(just finally broke down and read the rest of JD thread).
To Hungan1
Fox Delux, 2 a case.s as in 24 beers total? Sounds like it was made in a bathtub in a frat house tube.

When I was at GSC,before it became a univeritiy I usue to save $2 and get 8oz beers for .25cents at a dive in Statesboro. I'd save another $2 for a 6 pack of Black Lable for Saturday nights

Our Collage education tought the importance of saving and the meaning of a had full of quorters! :cool:
Fox Deluxe was a party killer in my day.

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