WNIT Championship Game: Gophers versus St. Louis (4-6-24) @SIUE

Ugly half. Goldy looks gassed. Need to get Amaya n Grace going in the second half and play better D.

Hate to say it but what an embarrassing half. St Louis just wants it more. They are making all the hustle plays. Refs are letting them play, St Louis almost went the whole 2nd quarter w/o fouling, Gophers haven’t adjusted.

Tough half. Hopefully we can make some adjustments

Big hole at the half. And we seem flat, slow, and tired. And apparently Dawn P is looking for anyone with energy to play.

Not playing like they care. The only point of playing at all is to get to where the last game of your season has meaning. They need to get engaged. And hit those damn open shots. We're getting good midrange and 3-point looks because StL converges 3-4 players on the ball whenever it enters the paint. Leaving others with decent looks - HIT THOSE FUCKING OPEN SHOTS!!!

First half:

Minnesota: 20
St Louis: 25

Field Goal Shooting
Minnesota: 29%
St Louis: 38.2%

3 Point %
Minnesota: 20%
St Louis: 36.4%

Minnesota: 6
St Louis: 5

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So far...

Madol is 0-6 field goal and 0-5 three-point.

Battle is 0-5 and 0-1.

Holloway 0-1.

Grocholski mostly misses (1-7 total), as someone mentioned.

This looks like the team that went on the 10 game tailspin. Powerless to play D or make a shot. We need t add confident shooters next year.

So we’re definitely tired and exhausted.
Couple of questions:
Can Klick run a team?
Can McKinney play better defense?

Just wow, this s right up there with the Iowa, PSU LOSSES. They don’t look D1 team for sure, stupid unforced errors-just ugly.

Refs don't need to posturize by trying to make discreet clever calls.

As much as I love these young women - I'm out. 1:41 left in the 3rd down by now 24. Turning it off.

1 of 6 on Free throws prior to Sanders. Shots just not falling today. Gophers look very sluggish. St Louis hitting shots. Gophers are not. Not a good game today, road travel maybe caught up with them living out of a hotel. Coyle is a Weenie for not making game.

Gross basketball, we will be much better next year. I’m going outside to watch the Ice melt on the lake, more interesting

We got to portal shop hard. I’d love to find some experience players that know how to move and cut without the ball. Heyer and GG would be great role players.

I get not shooting well. But the disorganization and terrible defense are discouraging. They are also slow of foot and that shows against a quick team. Would have been great to close out on a high note and instead all the bad things of the season are front and center. Ugh.

Well they had a nice run but this game is going t leave a bad taste for them thru the whole off season. To be blown out like this. This is one game you watch the film once than you burn it. I hoping for a more dynamic offense next year.

We got to portal shop hard. I’d love to find some experience players that know how to move and cut without the ball. Heyer and GG would be great role players.
Do we need to portal shop, I don’t know? We know Braun and Johnson are scoring machines. I don’t know what Klick and McKinney bring besides defense

Boy, whoever said that we were gonna run over Saint Louis must look like a huge idiot right now.🤣

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