WNIT Championship Game: Gophers versus St. Louis (4-6-24) @SIUE

I have several streaming channels but of course no CBSN.
Don’t have it either. Any watch parties locally? Would Buffalo Wild Wings or other sports bars bother to put it on? Where is a good spot to watch it?

"every game is important, and no game is special" is just dumb. 100% you'd like your players to develop and establish a routine in preparing for games. Get the same sleep, same food, same meeting times, same shoot around times etc etc etc. same preparation.
But you can't ignore the fact that playing UConn is different, playing Iowa is different and playing the Championship of WNIT is different. It is not the same! Prepare the same but you gotta address the different circumstances. You better have different game plans both offensively and defensively for each game.
You have different points of emphasis.
Every game is important and every game IS special! That's why we have different points of emphasis. How well are we going to execute the game plan each night. You can't ignore the circumstances...different atmospheres, different opponents, you gotta prepare for these things. Ignore them and you get run out of the gym by good teams or lose often on the road.
You gotta prepare them for what's going to be different tonight.
Likely she is not referring to specific game plans/scouting reports, but the general idea that you have to come into each game with a maximum amount of intensity, focus and effort. Maybe she's trying to instill the idea of mentally approaching each and every game as the game that could make or break your season if you're not ready to play well and hard.

With that said, I'm curious to see who or what specifically Coach P wants the Gophers to focus on defensively, as well at who, what and how St. Louis is going to try to eliminate from the Gophers offense. Obviously, they'll want the ball out of Battle's hands, but how are they going to try and accomplish that and what are they willing to give up to make sure Amaya doesn't go off again.

Why didn't the AD try Marriucci arena?
Wow! How did then not have one line up? Plenty of other local colleges around. Mavericks basketball both men's and women's winning NCAAA titles, TAYLOR CENTER should have been an option. Would have been fun to fill that arena today.

Don’t have it either. Any watch parties locally? Would Buffalo Wild Wings or other sports bars bother to put it on? Where is a good spot to watch it?
League of Her Own sports bar specializing in women’s sports will have it on

Disappointing they put on CBS Sports Network and for some reason Paramount + which has CBS doesn't include CBS Sports Network.

I think you mean A Bar of Their Own. And I bet it's packed
Happened to be across the Street at Pizza Luce last night and it was packed for the final four game so I hope it is as well today. Great to see
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Yes the speed and quickness is definitely on the other side. Unfortunately if the Gophers can't get their threes going this will be a loss.

Yup. Slow mo O with poor ball movement and missing shots. Resume feeding Hart inside please.

Biggest issue, no Gopher can his their shots, but St Louis looks more quick, refreshed and hungry. I think fatigue has finally caught up to the Gophers

Amaya just went and stood next to Hart when Madol was looking for a post entry and destroyed the possession… I simply refuse to believe it takes this long to install a motion offense that this sort of thing is still happening?

I was able to find it on Spectrum. Thanks for the information on the network,

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