WNIT 2024 Game 4: Gopher Visit Troy (4-3-24)

Lord I didn’t know sanders could get any more out of control.

Looks like offense is actually being ran tonight, hope the legs don’t give out in second half.

Our secondary players are playing above their pay grade, but Heyer and particularly GG need to pick up the outside shooting a bit!

A Bar of Their Own is a women’s sports bar, and their Facebook page lists the Gopher game on their schedule for this evening.

I haven’t been yet, but have friends who enjoyed watching games there. 🙂

Thanks for the advice! You were right, Senser's is closed.

I called A Bar of Their Own, but the waitlist was 2 hours - way to show up Gopher fans!

We also tried Station 280, but they don't carry ESPN+.

A note about the latter two options, they allow minors to come in and watch. Anyway, ended up paying Disney $10.99.

The talent level of opponents isn't great in this tournament. And yet I had fun at the NDSU game, a good home game. The Wyoming game was good. In this game Troy is making shots. Hopefully next season it's the main tournament but I'm liking this one too.

I don’t understand why Senden doesn’t play over Sanders. Sanders can’t or won’t pass and can’t shoot

I missed part of the broadcast. Have they mentioned this craziness from last season?

The game visuals are like a really bad acid trip.

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