WNIT 2024 Game 2: Gophers Host NDSU (3-29-24)

After removing the remnants of several Doric columns the plow deposited at the end of my drive, I decided to catch last night's game on BTN plus. I'll be there Friday, even though they've closed the upper deck
They also closed seats above row 15 (or so) in all the sections. There was someone who bought up a bunch of tickets for NDSU’s previous game against Montana

Looks like game will be on big ten plus again as I see it on their schedule of upcoming games.

NDSU donor bought the whole arena Monday but there was a storm only 2250 showed. he said NDSU would get 5000 Friday and he’d pay every ticket but the NCAA gave it to Minnesota instead and he is hopping mad

Heaven Hamling PG is from Grand Rapids. Heaven vs Mara will be fun to watch

Elle Evan’s is a 6ft forward and is really good (she’ll be at a Power 5 next year or year after I bet)

The other minnesota girls are ready to roll. There should be 1000+ NDSU fans but it is Easter weekend

Wish it was on espn networks or big ten

We'll get to see for ourselves:

FARGO, N.D. – North Dakota State University director of athletics Matt Larsen has announced a new five-year extension for women's basketball head coach Jory Collins through the 2028-29 season.

"Jory and his staff have completely transformed our women's basketball program since the day he stepped on campus," said Larsen. "We have a strong tradition and a long history of success in women's basketball at NDSU and our alums and fan base have an incredible amount of pride in this program. Jory has high expectation to not only compete annually for a Summit League title but to have postseason opportunities a regular occurrence for our program and fans."

The vibe here is decent. Not a lot of people. Gophers started well and then missing a lot of shots.

Some of these Gophers players are highly skilled except movement is not one of them.

Gophers should be doing better right now. Not midseason form.

4 out of 5 consecutive possessions…. Only the point guard touched the ball. Now 5 of 6. The 6 th one was a single pass. That’s not an offense.
I assume this is Battle? I just looked at box score I am baffled by her taking 12 shots, is she just looking off teammates or are they not open?

Gophers shooting is hotter in the 2nd half so far.

Kind of a fun game here. Some NDSU fans are here. Players are working hard on both sides.

The steamroller is moving now. Gophers up by 14 after the 3rd.

Jeez. What happened to them to start the 4th?!? Up by 5.

Hope Mara is okay..

Battle STEPPED UP with 4 straight points there.. ALSO she moved into 10th place in ALL TIME Assists in Gopher history tonight..

NIA HOLLOWAY we are seeing the TRUE NIA the last 4 games.. once again she was HUGE off the bench and the GAME SEALING win..

GG was the GG we saw most of the season!

not much more can be said about Mal.. ALL OUT HUSTLE.. 13/12 tonight
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