The Athletic: Ranking 133 college football teams after 2023-24 bowl season, from Michigan to Kent State (73. Minnesota)


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Nov 11, 2008
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Jerry Kill at 35. PJ or Rebecca, hold my beer.

Ratings beyond top 20 pretty subjective in any case; SOS not necessarily a big factor in this click bait ranking. Having said that, consider how Minnesota and Northwestern started the year in terms of expectations and supposed roster strength. NW came in ranked--in this guy's estimation--at 31. The interim HC at NW did one hell of a job coaching, motivating and squeezing every strength out of his roster--especially in toss up games--the games we continually failed to play up to par in. There is always next year. With a new QB ... Go Gophers!

I believe they took into consideration preseason projections and how they felt the teams lived upped to those projections. Minnesota was picked 3rd in West and most picked them with 7-8 wins so hence the lower ranking compared to let's say Illinois, who was supposed to have a rebuild year.

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