Pharrel Payne visiting Indiana this week.

At least have the decency to find a different conference.
Agreed, you are a hoser if you come back to the conference to play the Gophers. Don't want to see another guy get Battle treatment from student section. Mr. Payne please go somewhere outside the Big 10. That and it is slap in face to position coaches that invested, helped develop a player like Payne's play, to come back to Big 10.

Get the hackapayne strategy ready.

if he commits to IU...... what a kick in the pants

You're talking about a very limited set of schools if you have to eliminate in-conference, the way things are headed. It would mean basically SEC, Big East or maybe B12, and that's it. I'm trying to adapt and accept things are completely whacky in college hoops, and either accept the change or lose a hobby/sport I've considered #1 for most of my life.

I'm just trying to know the rosters can change (and will) every year. Maybe if anything, I think it's even more a reflection on the coaching staff, and how well they can adapt, quickly identify talent to fill gaps, etc. A guy like Hoiberg might actually benefit from this.

Another reason it's really interesting to see guys like Jay Wright sitting out. Would he ever even consider Kentucky or another job. Maybe not, as things have really changed.

'College' basketball is getting to the point where we're actually foolish if we stay interested in it. Getting close.
I feel the same. Why not just wait until most of the regular season is over with, then look and see if your team looks like it can make a tournament run, and if so, start paying attention then.

Not in the new paradigm. The big10 is where he played the most. Each game was like an interview with coaches and their payroll department in the stands. He probably makes the most here in the big 10
True but it is still very unpleasant.

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