Parker Fox has displayed eye-popping slam dunks in practices and might be the team’s best leaper.

Would love to see productive minutes for both Fox and Ihnen. More for their sake (having been through so much adversity) than for the team (even though the team could certainly use more meaningful contributors).

Every video I see of Gopher basketball practice, they are literally playing against the air. Guys are hitting open shots, throwing down vicious dunks, and cheering emphatically with every made bucket.

I want so badly for Parker to have a bounce-back year. He deserves it more than anyone. However, I won't get my hopes up until he makes athletic plays against actual competition.
Athletic plays against gravity can be a good start.

It'll be interesting to see how accurate this is. You could definitely still see the explosiveness and athleticism after ACL #1. It has taken him a long time to recover from ACL #2 and the recent clips out there do not show the same athleticism/explosiveness that he showed in the past IMO.

Ihnen does appear to be moving well, far better than Fox. I have higher hopes that Ihnen will be a contributor than Fox at this point, but my expectations for both are really low.
I would personally be worried a bit more about someone who blew out the same knee 2x (Ihnen), than fox who blew out 2 different knees 1x (Fox). Although, it also depends on other complications from the injuries and in the 2x single knee injuries did the 2nd injury on top of the first result in a more complicated repair, less structural strength, more scar tissue... I will see them in practice tomorrow but short of having a stopwatch on them and going through a combine I don't think my eyes are calibrated to judge whether or not they are each more or less explosive/athletic than they were before.

I’m not too worried about Wilson getting winded. He is a 5 to 10 minute guy who is a situational player. I attended a practice this summer and Ihnen looked great. Hawkins was dinged up that day so he is a guy I haven’t seen. Did your friend comment on him?
Nobody wants to be a 5 to 10 minute guy

I have no idea how it all plays out but I'm glad he is healthy enough to have his athleticism even outside of basketball.

As far as basketball goes, it absolutely NEVER hurts to have an athletic guy who can finish near the rim and bring some energy to the team. I am hoping Parker Fox can be the player we all hoped Omersa would become.

I'm all in. Parker is the best feel good story since Rudy. I'm ready to enjoy seeing this guy do what he can do. Can't wait for the games to start.

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