Oklahoma transfer RB Marcus Major commits

Don't want to be too hyperbolic but we might have a top 5 RB room in college football next year. Taylor Major Bangura Nubin is ridiculous!
Taylor is the only one we know is an above average big10 rb, so I’m excited about adding Major, he isn’t a known commodity, but seems like a higher ceiling than Nubin/Bangura.

Love that cut back inside to make a DB miss.
In 2019 PJ or KC very wisely distributed to load among Rodney Smith, Shannon Brooks and Mo Ibrahim. And piled up a lot of yards on the ground, even though Tanner passed for 3,300+ yards. I like the RB line-up now--assuming all stay on the roster and stay healthy. A good, experienced four-man rotation. No need to throw this year's true freshman into the fire if there is an injury.

And it is nice to have four RBs. Any year, you can pretty much always count on one RB going down for a season-ending or near season-ending injury.

Want to be excited about this but with the way things have been going with the transfer portal guys, won't be until he shows up on the field in a Gopher uniform.

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