We need to be able to make some shots down the stretch. Made ZERO against Iowa. Need a couple bounces to go our way.

This is painful at this point. No answer

Better chance of Purdue covering 16.5 than the Gophers winning I'm afraid.

The away crowds are just too much for us. We can't stop these long runs.

Do we possibly have a shot at the Target Center though? I think yes....

I really like Robbie Hummel on the mic, but I don't think Ben's technical was as big of a difference maker as he wants to think.
Haha agreed - Get that shit outta here. Nonsense.

This is why Jack doesn't play. This isn't football.....where holding is ignored.

Go ice cold and take dumb fouls....not a recipe for 2nd halves...cmon...Edey even pushes Jack around... Can we not BOX OUT!

How do you let them have 3's that wide open?

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