Is the Caitlin Clark State Farm commercial the only one they have? I like the Andy Reid ones better. He's actually funny.

Garcia has 12 points. The X factor. He can't be shut down, and he's not.

Hawkins has 3.

Payne missed that shot he should have made. Need a solid game from him.

I think Gophers can win this one. Need to work it inside and shoot well enough elsewhere.

Our defense is just really poor the last few weeks. What ever transfer the bring in has to be able to defend.

I meant in conference. The nonconference competition is no longer relevant. Even in those conference games where we've won by a decent margin, it was a struggle to get there.

I think 55% of their conference wins have been by 9+. Seems good to me. Sorry if you don’t like how they got there. Not really relevant 🤷🏼‍♂️ wins are wins. Decisive wins are decisive wins.

Probably play Fox as much as possible?

Payne 0-2.

Just turned it on. Northwestern scored 49 earlier in the week. On pace for nearly 100 tonight.

Mitchell has carried his trash play from Wednesday into this game.

Payne and Mitchell struggling mightily. Will have to use Carrington and Fox more.

Where is Garcia? He has 1 foul, right?

Unless fatigue was the issue last game???

The defensive effort down the stretch has been terrible.

They're getting too much space on the perimeter. The first game should have taught them that these guys don't miss if they have time and space. They're also not cutting off NW's drives.

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