Just turned it on and was surprised by a Nebraska/Iowa game???

Brutal offense. Give JOJ or Fox a look.

7 minutes in both teams with 4 turnovers

Road and home is such a big difference just watching these guys. Gonna be a tough battle here.

Score is low but high paced offensive passing and movement

Interesting now these refs are letting all kinds of contact go...don't mind it, but seems to be different then what we got for a lot of games.

Absolutely insane contact being let go this game for no reason.

I think CBJ has done a nice job lately. One criticism I have had is that I really do not like any lineup that has all 3 of Carrington Fox and Payne. That is essentially 3 guys who have no shot to make a shot outside of the lane, and when they drive are poor FT shooters. Just not a great combo

Good D by Carrington, didn't chase to the corner and was there when Tominaga caught at the 3 point line, made him put it on the deck and forced a travel.

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