Grimm losing his mind as the lead has dwindled.

Need to turn the tide and control the final part of this

Huge to get a bucket out of this tv timeout or they will cut it to single digits. Did garcia get hurt besides the nut shot?

Imagine going to the hoop full speed and making a pass, I don't know how he makes half of them.
That was “1st 5 games of the year” Hawkins on that one.

I really like how he’s brought it more under control.
I’ll take the nation’s assist leader for the occasional errant chuck.

Just take the underneath layup instead of kick out 3

Refs going to get Iowa into bonus as soon as possible.

Haha, announcers say that’s an easy call for the officials on Payne’s 4th, but yet they couldn’t j me she the same call in the first half.

We're not having another Missouri meltdown are we?

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