Total Stats​

Team Stats
Game Stats
Offensive Rebounds59
Defensive Rebounds1510
Lead Changes11
Time with Lead17:291:13
Lead % of Game87.46.1
Last Lead4-2
Last Lead: Time18:15 (1st)
Largest Lead172
Largest Lead: Score51-344-2
Largest Lead: Time1:10 (1st)18:32 (1st)
Bench Points1510
On Court Points4923
Fastbreak Points57
Points off Turnovers1111
Points in the Paint1620
Second Chance Points512
Personal Fouls95
Technical Fouls00

Glad that we weren't forced to bring Hawkins back in with 2 fouls when things started getting a little nervous. Seems Ben had confidence that his guys would figure it out. He was probably thinking " as long as we keep the lead, I can save him.".

Great minutes for Fox and Carrington off the bench. As for BC, confidence is so important to a shooter.

Gotta believe that having Payne back in the game for 2nd half might slow Freeman down a bit on the offensive glass.

Because it's basketball and it's Iowa, Gotta assume that the Hawkeyes will go on a run in the 2nd half at some point. As long as it's not a 17-2, 3 minute job, we should be OK. Gotta keep taking and making good shots in the 2nd half. Make sure the speed of the game is on our terms, not what Iowa wants.

Crossing my fingers for a good 2nd half.

Super happy with the performance so far. How could you not be? This half also demonstrates what a waste of a scholarship Jack Wilson is. This was the perfect opportunity to play him and he can't get off the bench. Probably a great guy and teammate, but we could use another body on the floor who can slow down Freeman. Fortunately payne should not be sitting much in the second half. Just hope this puts to bed any notion Wilson was ever going to contribute on the floor this year. 10 mins a game, bone rattling picks, and 5 fouls... Yeah, not so much.

Other than Fox missing 6 layups and being outrebounded badly im happy with the 1st half. good lord

That's twice already this half that Freeman has passed up the shot with Payne in there. If we can reduce Freeman's scoring this half I really like our chances.

That Garcia TO set Hawkins up for #3. Ben leaving him out there to play with them

Smart thing for iowa to do would be foul Payne every possession

The amount for lazy fouls the Gophers commit is unbelievable.

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