Usually going through Dawson causes the offense to stall a bit

But Iowa cant stop him especially with Kirkke out. Just keep running it through him.

Payne gotta be smarter on the fouls, hes such a beast when he isnt getting quick cheap ones.

Put Hawkins back in Ben. You're not actually legally required to be down 10 at half time.

Mitchell is just one of those guys that doesn't know how to slow down.

Cringing when he has the ball hoping something bad doesn't happen.

5 offensive rebounds and counting. Payne has to learn to play without fouling.

Well, definitely a first half team today.

Hopefully stay a second half team as well.

As long as they're not down by 50 they'll win in the 2nd.

Loving this!! Keep it up, love the sharing of the ball.

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