We're gonna need to pull a Nebraska game and come out like a different team in the second half.

Ola Joseph - nothing but net on that 3. Problem is it was outside the net.

Maryland's defense has been good, but we've been bad. Where has Mitchell been after such a good Michigan game??

Okay, seeing an offense, a defense, or some rebounding in the second half would be nice.

Scored 10 pts over the final 14+ minutes despite 15 Maryland turnovers.

Can't shoot much worse than that in the second half.

So Mitchell, Garcia and Payne. 1 point and 0-5 from the floor between them. Payne committed 2 fouls in 4 minutes. That's got to change a in the 2nd half, right?

Overall pretty poor half. MD kept us in it with their turnovers. Hopefully a Nebraska type 2nd half and we can still get a win

He got zero space to shoot. They need to figure a way to open him up.
Maryland has extended their defense, but they've been recovering and collapsing well on the inside as well. Credit to them, but the Gophs have gotten enough good looks with good inside-out action; just haven't knocked them down.

Pretty awful execution and effort(minus Fox). It's a good thing MD sucks. Still can pull this out if we bring more effort and execute better.

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