NIL Athlete Sponsorship Opportunity for Businesses and U of M Student-Athletes at this Link


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Apr 9, 2022
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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any athlete, not affiliated with any university, and not affiliated with DinkytownAthletes or anything like that. I am just a fan passing along information I found via Twitter:

"Dinkytown Athletes provides a platform for student-athletes at the University of Minnesota to create and develop NIL opportunities with businesses and sponsors. NIL has created a pathway and support structure...."


Several University of Minnesota Women's Basketball Players are listed as available athletes for NIL sponsorship at that link.

I will add that sponsoring a student athlete helps both the business and indirectly the University of Minnesota sports program that competes with other schools where players earn NIL deals. Caitlin Clarke of Iowa famously has an NIL deal, for example. A NIL deal can help Minnesota to compete and help a business compete in the marketplace through the good brand of a Gophers athlete.

The Gophers Women's Basketball program made national headlines this week and on the rise, I believe.


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