Just for fun: Top games/ seasons of Gopher football


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Nov 20, 2008
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Just for fun, list favorite games and or seasons of Gopher football.

You can elaborate if you wish, or just mention a game/season and or a youtube video.

I'll start 1977 (The win over Michigan was awesome). One of several for me.

Loved listening to Rod Trongard's naration, in addition to sponsorship from the likes of Control Data and Honeywell.

2019 for season and 2019 vs PSU for game.
Also:1993 win over Wisconsin.

2019 for season and 2019 vs PSU for game.
Also:1993 win over Wisconsin.
Agree with both - the 2019 PSU game was probably the most fun sporting event I have ever been to and easily the most fun Gopher event I have ever attended. The stadium was rocking, everyone was into the game, and our best playmakers made big plays.

The Bateman TD is still my favorite Gopher TD ever. In the words of Mike Grimm the stadium went nuclear!

You can name more than one. No rules. Again just for fun.

2000 Ohio State. Watching Ron Johnson take over was loads of fun.

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2019 season for sure
Masons wins over OSU and PSU were great wins. So was 2019 vs PSU

Top season: 1967 B1G co-champs
Top game: 1977 Michigan

1996 vs #23 Syracuse (with Donovan McNabb) was fun. Wins were scarce during the Wacker years so a win like that was pretty enjoyable.

Also 1993 Gophers vs Purdue 59-56. Who doesn't love seeing 115 points scored???

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