Former Gophers coach Pam Borton talks basketball, new book and the 'corporate athlete'


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Nov 11, 2008
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per the Business Journal:

How did your time at the U of M impact or shape this book?
When I was coaching a team, I was coaching the physical and mental aspects of a team. That's how you get athletes to perform. Now, I'm taking that approach and applying it to corporate athletes, which can be challenging because they don't know how to train.

Would this book be possible without your time and success at the U?
Absolutely not. I wouldn’t be at the level I’m at as an executive coach without that experience. Those days prepared me for what I’m doing today.

Does the book contain any stories or information about your time at the U?
Yes, there are stories from coaching, stories from specific athletes and teams.

Lindsay Whalen is now the coach at the U, who played under you. Did you think back then she could be a coach?

I thought eventually, absolutely. She was a point guard, number one. The way she saw the game, her drive, her competitiveness back then were great. I knew that was going to be in her blood when she was player. I even thought more so that she could coach when she was in the pros became she became a leader. She became more vocal and more confident.

Go Gophers!!

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