Farrell's CFB Tiers: Which Programs Should Be Considered the Sport's Best? (Tier 4: The bottom feeders that no one cares about nationally - Minnesota)

It's a reasonable list. Certainly, arguments can be made either way.
You're probably a bottom tier team if you haven't won a Conference title in 50 years +

if sports writers/bloggers etc were forbidden by law from publishing "list" articles, their output would drop by about 50%.

it's an easy way to fill space and generate some reaction - putting teams in tiers, listing the top 10 QB's, etc.

it's on the same level as news organizations and polls. don't have any story ideas? run a poll and get people to react to the poll.
Yeah, engaging readers is probably a good strategy ?

The reality, money, doesn't jive with this analysis. Minnesota is in the mid 20s in the country in terms of football revenue per the EADA.

Farrel is an a@@ licker. Sorry, I mean bottom feeder. I believe that's the colloquialism used today.

Starting my own list.

Sports Writers no one has ever heard of and don't give a f*ck about:

Mike Farrel

Using his definitions, Gophers are in Tier 3 at best and Tier 4 isn't unreasonable, especially if national relevance matters. The Gophers are not relevant in the national discussion and haven't been for decades, Championships from the 1960's are fun to talk about, but largely irrelevant in the modern world of College Football.

Wisconsin and Iowa are better programs, with more real success, and more momentum than the Gophers and should be placed higher. I think both fit better in Tier 3 than Tier 2, and Iowa could easily slip to Tier 4 after Ferentz retires some day.

According to the about page from the blog.
Now I see what you're looking at.

It's the "editor" who's from UW/UCLA.

Matt Perkins, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Matt Perkins is a college football podcast host, editor, and analyst for mikefarrellsports.com, Rivals, and the Bleav Podcast Network. He hosts the Bleav in Badgers Podcast & Illegal Motion College Football podcast and is a contributor at BadgerBlitz.com. He holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin and an MA from UCLA.

It's not just the football revenue, it is all the wherewithal that other teams have.

The Gophers lost two good coaches: OC KC and DC Rossi. They need suitable replacements.

I could handle playing those teams every year. Unfortunately, I think this is coming sooner than we think.

I hear you but Wisconsin won the Orange Bowl about six years ago and played in the Rose Bowl 4 or so years ago. Not not mention all the other major bowls and B10 championship games last 30 years. We haven’t been to a major bowl (Rose) in a half century. We can hate it but there is a reason Wisconsin is viewed as a major program. Same for Iowa.

Wisconsin and Iowa and especially Nebraska as well also have very large and supportive fan bases made up of people who never went to or have an affiliation with the university. That is a huge factor in a program's potential and it appears that is a big factor in these tier rankings.

A bottom feeder that nobody cares about.

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