Brady Pretzlaff de commits from MN.

Even then, that isn't a given. They can transfer with no regard, so commitments aren't the same and players can leave middle or end of season too.
This is another reminder why it's pointless to care about or follow players until they run out on the field in uniform.

Isn't this the kid whose parents painted their basement maroon and gold?

1000 percent just ain't what it used to be.
I assumed re-painting your bag boards was an unbreakable bond. I was wrong.

Things have gotten more volatile since God started weighing in on recruiting. You'd think He would favor the downtrodden and those who are less fortunate, but more and more it is looking like He just might be a sadistic prick.

Hopefully the Gophers will have a shot at Pretzlaff in a year or two when he goes into "the Portal".
Hopefully, the Gophers will be loaded and have no need for him...

Do t give two shits about this kid or the Prior Lake kid it’s all about Perich.
I don't disagree with this, he is one of the few recruits I'm excited about. For me, it's all about the portal, portal, portal. With the constant turnover of kids who were "cannot miss" or "had a ton of offers" it's amazing how many flop. I'm all about the portal. Take a sure thing that you know can play, grab them after a year or two and they will use their allotted free transfer up (making it less likely to leave than the high school recruit). Now you have the player for at least a few years and certainly you have a better chance of success with this kid than trying to always get a player to blossom. I think you need some of both, but I don't know if kids will wait now like they should.

Class recruiting rankings are complete garbage now. Anyone citing those or demanding PJ get more 4 and 5 star players from HS should be immediately banned for life now.

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