2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

Alabama/Florida tied at 85 with about 15 seconds remaining. Been some great games tonight.

Indiana concedes and Huskers avoid collapse to claim the big road win. Hoosier faithful getting restless. Again.

Damn. IU is terrible. They drop their next game, that will in all likelihood wrap up a spot in WW.

Avery Johnson on the broadcast is entertaining. Pete Gillen also works a lot of the Mtn West games and has some great one liners, including “the last time I was right, Moby Dick was a minnow…”
Yeah, I know you enjoy Gillen. I was trying to figure out who was doing the game tonight. Didn't realize it is Avery.
Those Christopher Walken commercials are pretty funny. Seems to be aired often on the breaks.
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CSU/NM coming down to the wire. Smart inbound play by CSU.

Did something happen to Mizzou? They were a solid at times and competitive team. Have lost 13 straight. Sincere Q.

Does Monson still get a percentage of the guarantee in those games as part of his contract? Pretty controversial when it became public but interesting negotiation by his agent.

I’m surprised he still has a job. 1 tourney appearance in 17 years. Pretty meh. But good for him I guess.

If I’m being honest, after that Missouri game I would have welcomed him with open arms, but, water under the bridge, over the dam, all things must pass, etc

They do have the fourth ranked (national) team coming in next year, before any portal signings per 247. Certainly surprised to see how far they bottomed out this year but maybe they will have a quick turnaround next year. Who knows.

I learned something last night in the Kentucky/LSU game. Kentucky got a shot clock violation 23 seconds into the game. That confused me so I did some digging and discovered that if a team takes possession of the ball with a throw-in in the frontcourt, the shot clock only resets to 20.

LSU won the tip cleanly but tipped the ball straight out of bounds. So it was Kentucky's ball in their own frontcourt. The shot clock was set to 20 (correctly) but none of the players noticed it and they were caught just holding the ball without a clue when the shot clock expired.

I think the easiest way to think of it is that the extra 10 seconds is only when the team needs to advance the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt.

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