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    Get to Know Femi Odukale and Caleb Williams

    If so, this may be the main reason why BJ brought in a batch of mature and experienced players. Outside of Garcia, no one on this team will likely play any pro ball at a high level. So floor time will be earned and hopefully appreciated rather than expected. We shall see.
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    Fox 9: Gophers: 5 defensive players that need to step up in 2024

    We have a decent share of topside D talent. These players will be expected to make big plays and be leaders and steady performers. This group has to stay healthy. IMO, the key is the quality of the newbies and the development of the young guys who saw the field last year due to injuries. It all...
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    All Things 2024 Olympics!!

    Track and Field is by far the best. Then swimming and gym. The rest....meh.
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    Stripe out games
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    Is This Ben's Best Ever July Roster?

    The cream always rises to the top. We all assume that Garcia, MMJr and Fox will get their minutes based on what we saw last season. The rest will have to show their stuff in practice and, based on that, the PT will be distributed. Earn it or sit and enjoy the view from the best seat in the house.
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    Is This Ben's Best Ever July Roster?

    This roster will be better. Why? Stronger on D, rebounding, much more experience and maturity, depth and versatility. That may or may not translate into more W’s.
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    Trey Edmonds commits to MN per On3

    He battled hard against Goldin and his physical play. Nothing really here to get excited about. I think Michigan got the better player. 20 min 4pts, 4 Reb 2/5FGA 4PF Should be an improvement as our backup #5
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    All Things 2024 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    Baldelli going with Funderburk instead of Duran? Two run lead must have given him lots of confidence in Kody.. It worked.
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    Toledo’s Tyler Cochran commits to Minnesota.

    Adding an experienced player at this stage with proven D skills is a big plus. Add in Okudale plus the other two experienced guards our D will be improved. We were really weak last year
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    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    I am wearing my M/G colored sunglasses as I write this. Figuratively speaking. #5 will be equal to and could be better than last season. More depth and consistent boards. D the same. FT shooting will still be an issue. Hope MM and Edmonds can be a reasonable threat from 15 feet but not certain...
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    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    RJ has changed his tune some after doing more film study. He now states that Odukale will be a downgrade from CC but Odukale should be a defensive upgrade compared to last years film. Interesting that he thinks that Mitchell will be a better fit looking at this years squad but PP would...
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    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    Had some time to kill today so I looked at MPG stats. Interesting info. On a national level, Hawkins ranked at #215 at 33.2mpg and Garcia at 32.0 wasn't ranked in the top 350 players! Surprised? Me too! Yet NU's Buie and Barnhizer ranked #11 & #14 at 36.5 and 36.4 mpg and no one talks about...
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    Iowa WR arrested
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    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    Ben really hasn't had a decent bench to call on. Thus his guys got worn down. This season has nine very experienced players plus Asuma and maybe Betts to play around with. His first year he had six and the young guys were either hurt or not able to contribute. Then just Garcia, Battle, and...
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    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    Ben hasn't had the luxury of having 3-4 decent BIG type guys sitting next to him. I thought last year he would have a deeper bench but Ihnen fizzled as I expected, Betts wasn't ready and JOJ did what ever he did that kept him off the floor. This year "could" be different as there is lots of PT...
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    All Things Gophers 2024-25 Schedule Updates

    And a winning record will help Ben keep his job.
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    Phil Steele: Gophers have 6th best RB room in the country.

    I would classify it as the “worse” part of GH.
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    Minnesota will host Lindenwood in 2027

    There are just some things that we don’t talk about here and locking up with UST and NDSU is in that category! Weird,🤪 I know. I say bring them in to the Bank and let the boys go at it. 🏈
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    new roster takes shape

    Are you going to write the check? My guess is that Ben is carrying an empty bag. At this point, it appears that Evans is still a take. That is if there is a team that still has the $$$. The longer he waits, the fewer teams with the $$$.

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