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    Your thoughts on the new Gophers uniforms?

    As somebody that can barely dress himself, I am not the fashion police..... That said, we are Maroon and Gold. White on White is fine once a year or white top with a dark color pants. Not a fan of Maroon or Gold tops and white pants. Doesn't look right..... Also - Too many combinations along...
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    Rutgers has named Athan Kaliakmanis the starting QB. Rutgers QB Gavin Wimsatt, who started 18 games the last two years announces he's transferring

    Athan and PJ weren't going to work together anymore. That Athan was able to win the Rutgers job..... Best wished to him. Hopefully best for both programs. The issue to Minnesota fans is "does our system have the ability to be QB friendly". Athan looked terrible last year - just not sure this...
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    Chloe Lamb added to coaching staff

    Did somebody leave to create the opening or is this just adding an additional coach to the staff?
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    What do you miss most about Gopher games at the Metrodome?

    Rickey Foggie and Darrell Thompson
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    Rumor: Fleck to be considered for UCLA job.

    Never saw this happening..... Here, PJ can be the big fish in a small pond. Football coach at the only big time D1 school in state. UCLA - Not even #1 in your own city let alone state. Anybody who doesn't think ego plays into this is dead wrong. PJ would leave to a bigger program that needs a...
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    If Fleck leaves, who should realistically be on Coyle’s immediate call list?

    Jamey Chadwell has never coached north of the Mason Dixon line.... Can copy the offense, but I seriously doubt we are in the conversation. A lot of Sunday collection plates are paying his salary.... The 2 that come to mind with the least amount of schematic change would be Troy Ford and Jeff...
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    Iowa still hasn’t hired a new Offensive Coordinator

    He will retire 1st. Going to another school doesn't mean hiring Kirk - it means hiring his snot-nosed kid. Who is going to touch that?
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    Can't argue this....
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    6 years later, are we still pleased with the uniform redesign?

    Maroon and Gold. Don't mind the White. Just please dont go full banana....
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    Failing upwards meaning his time as an Assistant and then moving into a Head job. His offenses were rated low while he was an Assistant, yet he kept getting shots at high profile jobs. That said, he turned AZ around. More power to him if he can go into WA and be successful, but I'm not sure Adam...
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    STrib: Whalen finally ready to return to Williams Arena

    It's good to have her back. She was asked to clean up a mess. She did. She has done everything for this program that has ever been asked. I can state that "I" wish she would have won more, but it would only be a millionth of how badly she wished to win. In the end, while it wasn't her personally...
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    I hadnt seen AZ play all year, but this seems to be the most and only success he has had, and potentially going to a place where it is expected now. Hope it goes well if it happens because this comes off as the match made in hell.
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    Just reading on ESPN that Washington is targetting Jedd Fisch. I get that Zona had a good year this year. That said, this guy seamed like he was failing upwards for the longest time? Am I not seeing something?
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    Dodd: With Big Ten, SEC poised to dominate College Football Playoff bids, NIT-like tournament could offer solution

    Then at that point, why even have a tournament? Nobody wants to see Florida State or 4th String getting killed in extra games. Nobody should have to pay to watch that and certainly players shouldnt get compensated for it.
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    Dodd: With Big Ten, SEC poised to dominate College Football Playoff bids, NIT-like tournament could offer solution

    Once upon a time, this was the arguement (an expanded tournament) that the NCAA used to NOT have any kind of playoff system - the length of the season. That said, I like the idea and it could be done in a way with the bowl games to give the some extra relevancy. As a sidenote, I don't know that...
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    Thamel: Gophers hire new Special Teams Coordinator.

    This was quick. Known for awhile and were sitting on it?
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    What grade would you give the 2023 Gophers football season?

    D, and an F if it weren't for Iowa. 7 years in, we have the right to expect better. No capable back-ups, yet we hear about the great recruiting that is going on. Comes a point where the schtick needs to go and between technique and talent, you can knock people off the ball. 1 Good year by TM is...
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    Truly - Did anybody expect them to "Try" to win? KO'C knows exactly what he has - a QB mess and a couple drafts worth of talent missing. Surprised they have been this competitive.
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    Who is Everyones Other Team?

    1. KState 2. Kansas 3. Millitary Academies I appreciate anybody who has to work hard to establish a football identity. Who would normally want to visit Manhattan, KS or Lawrence on a non-basketball weekend? The work done there, regardless of how long ago it started is still amazing. How anybody...
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    RandBall: An NIL 'salary cap' (and floor) for big-time college sports? What do you think?

    Against it - not because it is a bad idea..... More because this just becomes a legalized means by which to have the same kind of recruiting violations schools used to get in trouble for paying players. Who is going to monitor this? College capoligists? Just what the game needs.... How about we...

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