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    Kyreese Willingham

    Can’t reach out until one enters the portal.
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    Doubt there will be another BTT hosted here

    Nobody consider Hudson a part of WI. Badger fans made zero effort. Heck many Nebraska fans live here as well.
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    In over 300,000 games…

    I think Illinois is that good offensively.
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    Senior Day

    I’m sure Gophers can support Garcia, Christie and even Payne in NIL next year after seeing the potential this year.
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    All Things Turd Sandwiches

    They were mediocre for 50 years. Who are they going to get that is better?
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    Gaelin Elmore

    Just with him in Arizona and showed him this thread. Had no clue and loves it.
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    Fleck is staying!!!

    I haven’t renewed my season tickets yet. Wonder if USC, Iowa and Penn St folks will pay for third row seats. It be nice to be a “Raider” season ticket holder right now.
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    Rumor: Fleck to be considered for UCLA job.

    Kids live in Michigan. Doubt would leave the midwest or any job besides Notre Dame. UCLA isn't a step up. The stadium is a half hour from campus. Could go on and on.
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    We Need To Show Crybaby Izzo That These Gophers Are The Real Deal

    John Beilien was the better coach for about a dozen years just wasn’t in the conference as long.
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    What teams do we beat on the road with the rest of our schedule?

    Easiest to hardest. Iowa Nebraska Illinois, Northwestern Purdue
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    2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    I assume they called a foul on Crowl?
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    Brevyn Spann-Ford Senior Bowl measurements

    His qb wasn’t good last year.
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    Gophers at Badgers Feb 2nd & 3rd 2024

    A stacked Michigan roster? The last two years would skate circles around this team.
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    It was an invalid fair catch t-shirt for sale

    Already sold out. Bummer would have bought one.
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    Gaelin Elmore

    Know Gaelin and has tailgated with us in 37 a few times over the years. Great human being.
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    New roster is up

    I said AK would outshine Drake Maye this year. The Gophers did pick off Maye twice and one should have been taken for six but the offensive passing that game was a sign of things to come.
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    New roster is up

    Brockington is only a Jr and not on list above either. Was a Freshman when catching winning td at WI in 22.

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