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    What happened to this board?

    I've been a regular reader on this board for many years, and rarely a poster. I like to come here to pick up on tidbits of information I otherwise likely would miss out on. But something has changed. Almost every post becomes an argument that takes the original post off topic. It's basically a...
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    Gophers Basketball 2023 Off-Season To-Do List

    I'd love to see a certain Top 150 from the 2022 MN class who went to another P6 school and hasn't played much at all come home. His skillset would be perfect for what the Gophers need.
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    Vintage Gopher stuff

    I have a couple of framed wood floor pieces from Williams Arena. It's the original floor used from 1928 to 2009.
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    Lack of TV/Attendance

    People are talking about the lack of attendance at games so far, and I blame it a lot on the inability to watch the team on TV. Does the general sporting public even know the Gophers are playing? Sure, hard-core fans do. But what about the rest of them? The Big Ten has turned these...
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    Oct. 7, 1962

    Here is a larger version, easier to read. According to the stories, starters for U of M included Carl Eller. Staubach was listed for Navy as one of the QB, although it appears he was third string. He was 0-2 passing in the game.
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    Oct. 7, 1962

    I never throw stuff away. Digging through some old stuff today, I found the sports section from Oct. 7, 1962, from the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, the Sports Peach. It was in my dad's store for years, I found it and took it in the mid 1990's. You have to love the main story, which was...
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    Listening to the national experts

    My advice to everyone is to calm down, and listen to the national experts for college football when judging this hire. For example, I listen to satellite radio and the experts in the south called Mullen a home-run hire for Miami, yet many people here were against that hire and would have been...
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    Option offense

    Yes, I might be off my rocker, but I would be interested in a coach that installed the wishbone or a true run option offense. There are pros and cons to doing this: Pros 1. Everything runs in cycles. Teams all switched to the spread offense when it became tough to stop. As more teams switch, it...
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    Kicking into the wind!

    Check out this video from Tuesday night's playoff game between Lakeville North and Farmington. North's kicker knocks one into the wind, which takes it about 30 yards in the wrong direction once it crosses midfield. Imagine this wind at TCF Bank Stadium. Note, later in the game, the same kicker...
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    Stadium experience for the family

    Alright, I think it is fair to make a comparison. As a Gopher season ticket holder, a partial season Twins season ticket holder and having attended Sunday's home opener for the Vikings, I have come to some conclusions while comparing the fan experiences, taking into consideration everything I...
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    Season ticket upgrade successful!

    I got the call today, and I was able to move my season tickets and they were able to meet my requests. I'm surprised a bit, because my Gopher Point total last year was in the 28,000s. Anyway, can't wait til fall.
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    Season ticket renewal

    After much consternation and indecision, I have decided I can and want to renew my Gophers season tickets. However, the extended deadline was Friday. I tried calling tonight, but they were closed until 9 a.m. Anybody know if I have a shot to get the renewal taken care of? I will be extremely...
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    Season ticket renewal

    Can anyone tell me when renewal notices go out
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    Here's why the students matter

    I've read a lot about the students, and one of the excuses I keep hearing as to why they aren't coming to the games is because the team isn't very good. Well, guess what? They play a very important role in helping the team become good. Even beyond the fact that the players get amped up by a...
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    Gopher hole home page ad? Are you serious?

    What's up with the obvious slam to the Gophers with Bielema, the W in that ad on the home page of the football forum? Did someone hack in?
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    One small positive

    I have to say the best thing about the day (in a day of disappointments) was the fact that whenever Wisconsin did something good or scored a touchdown, I wasn't looking around thinking how loud it was and how embarrassing it was to have so many Badger fans in the house. In the dome, that always...
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    Impressions, and a few suggestions.

    Overall, the stadium was great. I loved just about everything. The view was good from the second to the last row of the upper deck near the 40 yard line. It was great seeing jets and the helicopter fly over during the scrimmage. They do have some things to work on though. 1. The music during...
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    Have you got your season tickets yet?

    Have people received their season tickets in the mail yet? I have yet to get mine, and I'm getting nervous, as Aug. 22nd is only 19 days away!
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    Ticket site down?

    I went to the ticket site to see what's left as I pick tomorrow, and there is an error message saying the site is down. Is anyone else seeing this? 24 hours before I pick it goes down?!?!?
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    Single seats a problem?

    I've noticed several sections have already filled up with the exception of single, non-consecutive seats. For those of us picking around 28,000!, I am starting to get nervous that I won't be able to get my four seats together. If the option is single seats in separate locations, I won't be...

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