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  1. Mikie S

    Gophers versus Nebraska at Williams Arena on Wed. - Who You Picking?

    Huskers by 11. I think the Gophers , behind Garcia's career game, played their very best against OSU and still lost by 10. I don't think they play nearly as well tonight.
  2. Mikie S

    Gophers-Colorado St scrimmage

    Maybe Niko is auditioning for another coaching job? Any idea who that could be?
  3. Mikie S

    CBS: How transfer portal, NIL reshaping college basketball recruiting has dropped value of high school prospects

    This may not be a bad thing. If coaches want to retain their recruits past the first year, they will no longer promise (lie) about all the PT available to them. Let's see more coaches offer more realistic appraisals to prepare them for sitting & learning as freshman.
  4. Mikie S

    Gophers listed as 13th in FBS for total athletic department debt with $218MM

    So Minnesota is tied with Texas & behind Alabama, tOSU, Michigan, Iowa & Illinois in debt. I thought those schools were rolling in money.
  5. Mikie S

    2023 College Basketball Transfer Portal Watch Thread

    Does he want to come here to be a backup to Payne? Heck, we already lost out on Hunter Dickinson because he didn't want to play behind Pharrel:(
  6. Mikie S

    Post Free Agency Declare/Pre NBA Draft Decision Big Ten Standings Projection

    Wisconsin has finished higher in the B1G for 25 years in a row & counting. 1997-98 was last time we edged them out (even with five forfeits).
  7. Mikie S

    2023-2024 Gophers Basketball Schedule Thread

    I'll admit that Rockhaven has some of the funniest posts on the site. I have wasted good beer by snorting it out my nose reading some of his stuff.
  8. Mikie S

    Elijah Hawkins Commits to Gophers!

    And I'm so sick of CBJ apologists knocking long time Gopher fans. Coyle & Gabel showed an absolute disdain for long suffering basketball fans by hiring such an unqualified coach. Screw them!
  9. Mikie S

    Visit with Howard transfer G Elijah Hawkins

    What's more concerning? Hawkins' 4 TOVs a game or Mike Mitchell's 0.7 FTs a game? Both of these guys are marginal B1G talents, but they really fill a need for the Gophers.
  10. Mikie S

    Reusse Gopher Basketball Insights - Transfer Gossip, NIL Money, Facilities, Dutcher, Musselman ETC

    Dang, I was just looking at the stats for this team. This was Bill Musselman's last season with Gophers, leaving town before of the NCAA rules committee could get him. Nice Globe trotter routine. Coincidentally freshman Osborne "Goose" Lockhart went on to play 17 years with the Trotters and...
  11. Mikie S

    Mark Coyle in response to is Gophers Men's basketball HC Ben Johnson's job safe (Video)

    Mark, just a little tip here. Hire a minority candidate for the women and you will have a little more leeway to eventually hire a qualified men's coach ... even if he is a white guy.
  12. Mikie S

    Mark Coyle in response to is Gophers Men's basketball HC Ben Johnson's job safe (Video)

    Did Coyle know that Fleck was available before Claeys was fired? If that's the case, I think a similar thing should be on the table, he should pull the trigger if he has another rising star basketball coach already committed to take over for CBJ. Unfortunately, I don't one of those on the...
  13. Mikie S

    The Comparable 4: Minnesota (Johnson), Iowa State (Otzelberger), Penn State (Shrewsberry), Utah (Smith)

    Current season: 17-8 8-5(B12) 15-11 6-9(B1G) 17-10 10-6(Pac10) 7-16 1-12(B1G) Who's the outlier here?
  14. Mikie S

    Realistic expectations for 2023-24?

    Yes I know, from my "slightly" negative posts, that you'd have expected me to have picked zero wins in our pre-conference poll. But I thought that somewhere in their B1G schedule they'd get red hot while an opponent was ice cold.
  15. Mikie S

    Realistic expectations for 2023-24?

    After watching the non-conference games this year, my pre-conference prediction was 1-19. My way-to-early prediction for next year is currently at 3-17. That assumes most of the freshmen return.
  16. Mikie S

    University of Texas head men's basketball coach Chris Beard was arrested and charged with assault on a family member.

    I think a plethora of programs will be clamoring for his services. To bad he does not meet the qualifications (Afro-Minnesotan?) of a Gopher head coach.
  17. Mikie S

    Shama: Coach Ben Johnson’s Job Safe for Now

    I don't disagree. But there has got to be a tipping point. Maybe a QUALIFIED up & coming black coach can be identified? You know, maybe someone with an established winning record, someone who's been mentored by an upper level coach, someone who has a history of winning as a player, an...
  18. Mikie S

    Shama: Coach Ben Johnson’s Job Safe for Now

    1) What happens if opposing teams continue to set team records for victory margins against the Gophers? 2) What happens if attendance plummets from its already historic lows? 3) What happens if several of the most promising freshmen decide to transfer out & Year Three of this regime becomes a...
  19. Mikie S


    I'm tired of hearing this myth repeated. Other than being able to recruit Amir Coffee (a gimme who's dad was a Gopher great), what has he really accomplished on the recruiting road? Yes, I will see the incoming Dennis Evans as a rebuttal, but I think this statement was made before Evans...

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