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  1. PMWinSTP

    Oregon football has 'unlimited' NIL backing from Nike

    He's been pumping money into Ducks football forever, not sure NIL will change it significantly.
  2. PMWinSTP

    Projecting 13 breakout FCS-to-Power Four transfers for the 2024 college football season (MINNESOTA QB MAX BROSMER (FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE))

    Lacked big play runs over the years? You must be watching a different Gophers team than me.
  3. PMWinSTP

    Two more Georgia football players arrested for driving violations

    I'm willing to admit that does bother me in general, especially those who park diagonally across two spots. Don't mind when it's at the back of a lot where there are tons of open spots, but I am suprised that it happens more often than one would think in spots close the the entrance.
  4. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    I think they would be pretty down the list as well.
  5. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    Agree it is harder for the more recently added teams, but the others can fairly easily list three that are historically important. Another option would be having it "up to three" yearly rival games. Where are you getting only Iowa wanted it?
  6. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    Not going to happen.
  7. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    You do that with protected rival games. We can debate the number of matchups should be protected, and who those top rivals are for each school. I think it should be three, and I would add Mich.
  8. PMWinSTP

    Mike Gundy seemingly admitting to driving under the influence "a thousand times in my life" in defense of star player's DUI arrest.,most%20of%20it%20is%20absorbed.
  9. PMWinSTP

    What Big Ten football fans should know about the 2024 Minnesota Golden Gophers

    Interesting. Says another down season will mean Fleck's seat gets quickly hot. Predicts a down season and follows that by saying he doesn't think Fleck is going anywhere.
  10. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    I think the argument is all this can be done without actual divisions.
  11. PMWinSTP

    Two more Georgia football players arrested for driving violations

    What's it like not having loved ones?
  12. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    There's not going to be relegation or booting out of the conference. Said this probably a dozen times out here. Somebody has to lose games.
  13. PMWinSTP

    Conference Realignment Updates

    I would take Stanford or UNC over BC.
  14. PMWinSTP

    Two more Georgia football players arrested for driving violations

    This is getting to a point where Smart better get this under control.
  15. PMWinSTP

    YouTube: Gopher Football Top 20 Plays of the PJ Fleck Era (10-6)

    There's probably five from TJ in this video...
  16. PMWinSTP

    Wild story about former Duke player Filipowski

    If she was his babysitter, does that change anything for you?
  17. PMWinSTP

    Official 2025 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Ducks have been consistent Top 10 in recruiting... sometimes top 5.

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