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    Wild story about former Duke player Filipowski

    I just wish the guy recording the video wasn’t constantly waving his hand around like Cooper DeJean pretending not to signal for a fair catch.
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    Current OL Numbers

    The portal is closed to enter. Anyone already in the portal certainly can sign with a team.
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    NFL draft sleepers on ESPN+

    Not sure about that. While 2023 was a rough year, his PFF blocking grade in 2022 led all P5 tight ends.
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    Is this the end of court storming?

    Clark threw a forearm into the fan, tossed her arms into the air, flung her head back like she was in the Zapruder film, did a full pirouette, then collapsed onto the floor and insisted on being helped off by staff and teammates. It was an embarrassing flop and pure performance art.
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    Marquese Williams in the transfer portal

    Drew Viotto? I think it quickly became obvious to coaches and the player himself that he was never going to play at this level. Good for all involved that he has moved on. This is the positive side of the easy transfer.

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