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  1. XMan

    There it is. What a sight. An 18 team Big Ten.

    We won’t be the last place team but I can’t see us breaking into the top half.
  2. XMan

    new roster takes shape

    So ten of these players leave after this year as they are seniors right? Then we reload all over again. The future of college BB I guess. Uffda
  3. XMan

    Q&A: Get to Know Trey Edmonds and Grayson Grove

    Great to hear from both players. I am excited to see them both play.
  4. XMan

    Ken Evans Jr. campaign thread!

    This thread needed stronger moderating from a site admin. Too many threads in gopher hole get hijacked. Too bad we didn’t get Evans.
  5. XMan

    First stab at 2024-25 Field of 68 projection

    I see you have Wisconsin on your watch list but not making the tournament cut at this time. They have lost a lot of talent this off season. I would love to see them take a step backward
  6. XMan

    Minnesota kids you really enjoyed watching

    Sam Jacobson. Saw him do some amazing things in one particular game against Tartan HS. Basically an alley-oop to himself off the backboard. He was a beast.
  7. XMan

    STrib: Gophers men's basketball roster has entirely different look after transfer portal exodus

    Hard to lose all the players. But Payne and Hawkins are the only two they will miss. And Carrington and JOJ leaving may be a blessing with what we are hearing about their locker room dissection. I like all the players he has added. Several of them played quality starting minutes at their...
  8. XMan

    Tyler Nubin drafted to the Giants with the #47 pick

    The Vikings drafted Gladney in front of Winfield. I know Gladney is more of a corner than a safety but man I would rather have Winfield playing defense for my team. He is so good. Hope Nubin can do the same for the giants
  9. XMan

    BREAKING: Elijah Hawkins to transfer

    For me, college sports was way more important than pro sports. For BB and FB anyway. Now, like many of you, I hate what is happening. I am about at the “couldn’t care any less” stage for college basketball. These aren’t students at the university - here to go to school and play sports...
  10. XMan

    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    That team was loaded. And if these two wouldn’t have transferred they would have been even more amazing
  11. XMan

    College Basketball Transfer Portal Thread - 2024

    Well would 1/4 of the players be out of eligibility so not able to be considered a transfer. Still 3/4 of 4500 is higher than the other person quoted
  12. XMan

    Payne, Carrington, Ola-Joseph and Ihnen...

    hmmm this surprises me if accurate. But perhaps there is so much unknown and as you say the rumors are true and ge was a problem
  13. XMan

    Joshua Ola-Joseph Enters Transfer Portal

    What? Payne really grew and developed this year.
  14. XMan

    The Athletic: NBA Mock Draft (#28. Cam Christie, Minnesota to Utah)

    He should go if he is drafted in the first round. If not and he returns, he will be looking for a big NIL deal. Anyone know what that would be?
  15. XMan

    Jack Robinson commits to Wisconsin

    No. Clearly said hit the portal hard to replace anyone who is leaving.
  16. XMan

    Jack Robinson commits to Wisconsin

    Well we signed Asuma and they signed Freitag. I think they are both going to be very good. But Asuma is rated slightly higher. We signed Grove and they signed Robinson. Who knows who will be better. Robinson is rated higher but is smaller and more of a small forward compared to a power...
  17. XMan

    2023-2024 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    I wasn’t sure who to cheer for in the Iowa - Wisconsin game. But love to see the skunks lose any game.

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