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  1. CentralGopher

    Relationship Between Recruiting and Winning in College Football 🏆 (2014-2023)

    Good example of what a crapshoot recruiting really is
  2. CentralGopher

    Toledo’s Tyler Cochran commits to Minnesota.

    Haven’t seen most of our guys play before but guarding length could be an issue
  3. CentralGopher

    Wild story about former Duke player Filipowski

    It’s a story. Doubtful the one telling it knows the truth either.
  4. CentralGopher

    B1G Recruiting past 5 Years

    There are a bunch on the list that are overrated. Fleck has been better than he has recruited but needs to up his recruiting game to escape the overrated talk.
  5. CentralGopher

    What 5 schools would USC football kick out of the Big Ten, if given the option? (#3. Minnesota)

    Yes, I believe this same exact article was written when Nebraska joined
  6. CentralGopher

    Colorado players required to go to rap concert "to support Shedeur as a rapper" 🤣

    That and local media found something else to write/complain about
  7. CentralGopher

    Allstate in negotiations to buy naming rights to the Big XII

    Naming rights for NIL? Can they do that? If they are paying the school for naming rights can those funds go to players? Isn’t that the same as the school paying the players? Pretty much anything is possible these days.
  8. CentralGopher

    Colorado players required to go to rap concert "to support Shedeur as a rapper" 🤣

    Not sure we should be saying too much given the new words gopher players have to learn but this definitely takes things to a new level. Thankfully Fleck has toned things down a bit since his first couple years.
  9. CentralGopher

    How the Golden Gophers spent a decade running without making any progress

    Unnecessary for most but hopefully good therapy for the author to write about this
  10. CentralGopher

    Steele’s All Big Ten Team.

    I don’t recall this many gophers being named to a pre season all big ten list in past years. Seems like an indication of better recruiting from current staff. Hoping this means more wins this season and beyond.
  11. CentralGopher

    Employment contracts?

    Maybe but contracts are enforced all the time. Not sure why this would be any different.
  12. CentralGopher

    Goodness Gracious. The annual off-season love for Nebraska and doubt in P.J. Fleck continues to impress.

    Throw Wisconsin and Iowa in with Nebraska. The past few years have shown there isn’t much difference between west teams.
  13. CentralGopher

    Employment contracts?

    That’s my hope they have contracts that will slow the amount of players entering the portal. Break the contract and have to give the money back. Slow down the free for all.
  14. CentralGopher

    North Carolina on FOX; Rhode Island 11AM on Peacock

    I mean, sure if you don’t mind paying $20 more for it when you’re already paying more than a couple hundred a month for a cable package that includes BTN where they should have all the games. The Big Ten gets multiple millions of dollars from the BTN you’d think that would be enough to...
  15. CentralGopher

    Emanuel Karmo Commits to Gophers!!!!!

    True but it wasn’t that way for several years in the past.
  16. CentralGopher

    Emanuel Karmo Commits to Gophers!!!!!

    Hope PJ does exactly the same with Wisconsin recruits. Bet they’ll cry foul when the shoes on the other foot.
  17. CentralGopher

    Former 5 star QB recruit Jaden Rashada is suing Florida HC Billy Napier and Florida Booster over failed NIL deal

    Good luck proving what was said in the phone call unless he recorded it. Hope he loses.
  18. CentralGopher

    Action Network HQ has the Gophers winning five games.

    Winning 5 of the first 5 games would be an awesome start to the season. Go gophers!
  19. CentralGopher

    Is the 24-25 roster our version of 'Moneyball'?

    Given our lack of NIL we’ll call it knickleball

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