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  1. JZABR

    new roster takes shape

    Ahhh Jordan Murphy. I think he is my favorite former Gopher. He was so skilled. We were lucky to have him
  2. JZABR

    All Things Class of 2025 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    He would be a REALLY nice get. A good running mate with Asuma
  3. JZABR

    Gophers' top-seven next season, but they have PLENTY of options - Tony Liebert

    I agree completely with that rotation. There's no way Asuma ISNT in the rotation. I also feel like Caleb Williams will get some run here and there as a three point marksman.
  4. JZABR

    Is This Ben's Best Ever July Roster?

    I think that'll be Mike Mitchell Jr. Having them 2 running it back is huge. That helps so much with chemistry. I'm curious how many minutes Asuma is going to have.
  5. JZABR

    Toledo’s Tyler Cochran commits to Minnesota.

    I'm intrigued to see what the backcourt rotation going to be. I love this addition. We're going to be a pretty good defensive team and good rebounding team. This team is very balanced
  6. JZABR

    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    I think Frank Mitchell is a lock to start along with Dawson and MMJR. Having a guy who has a knack for cleaning the glass and who wants to is something we really haven't had consistently. He's a presence.
  7. JZABR

    Fox 9: Gophers: Who are the new faces for the 2024-25 basketball squad?

    That was clear last year. It seems like this year's roster was constructed to be more balance and have more ball-handlers available. Alot of depth, no matter who is starting along Dawson and MMJR.
  8. JZABR

    Howie Johnson (Class of 2026) Commits to Gophers!

    If there's ever an endorsement possibility, this is it lol
  9. JZABR

    Costco Tickets

    Any way that I don't have to pay abhorrent "processing fees" I'll take it.
  10. JZABR

    Ben Johnson Press Conference - Summer Update + Player Interviews

    For minnesota fans, it's valid either way
  11. JZABR

    Most Improved College Basketball Teams By Wins in 23-24

    If they get 4,5 more wins than last year with a tougher nonconference and make the tournament, I think SOME fans may stop calling for CBJ's job. We definitely have a deeper, more experienced team than last year
  12. JZABR

    Ken Evans Jr. campaign thread!

    Well, technically we did. Just not to another school
  13. JZABR

    All Things Gophers 2024-25 Schedule Updates

    Our nonconference schedule is already looking better than last year. There's always going to be at least a couple cupcakes, every B1G team does it. But I like the way this is shaping up
  14. JZABR

    Minnesota native Lu’Cye Patterson commits to the Gophers

    I think that means they're prepared for the possibility either Cam coming back / no more new players. Looks like it's likely the latter
  15. JZABR

    Cam Christie is entering the Transfer Portal

    Anytime your coach is Greg Popovich, your development is in good hands
  16. JZABR

    Gopher Potential Portal Pursuits

    I was thinking the same thing. While it's pretty well established that Dawson is our guy, we seem to have a more balanced team and deep team. We have guys who have improved every year they've played. We have alot of experience and that'll bode well for Grove and Asuma.

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