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  1. metrolax

    How long will the Big Ten Conference stay in tact.

    Personally, I wish there were more conference of less teams, that are closer together.
  2. metrolax

    How long will the Big Ten Conference stay in tact.

    The fact is, the bigger these conferences get, the more they will look like clusters of a bunch of Independents grouped together. It takes more than a title to make a league, and when you only play about half your conference, is it really a conference anymore? More like....a bunch of...
  3. metrolax

    What do you miss most about Gopher games at the Metrodome?

    Metrodome? Wasn't that a dating app for Iowans???
  4. metrolax

    2024 Record prediction

    I don't see a loss on that schedule
  5. metrolax

    Gophers schedule a home and home with…

    They'll be a hyphen school by then
  6. metrolax

    Can the Gophers find success in the new Big Ten?

    the final shakedown of where all this will fall is far from complete. I have a feeling that a few years from now, the cfb landsape will look much different from now
  7. metrolax

    So happy for Cole and Darius!

    I would rather have ugly stats and win than see brilliant stats and lose
  8. metrolax

    Brosmer will practice with Gophers in Detroit

    Maybe we'll have a qb named Ethan Kaliakmanis enter the game....
  9. metrolax

    This is Lunacy

    People thrive when they have boundaries and know where they are. Right now, the sport has no boundaries, and has no grown-ups in the room willing to set any
  10. metrolax

    NCAA President to propose New Division

    This is actually what he may be trying to do, or what it's inevitable end game is. Break off those power schools and simply form another professional league and drop the collegiate pretense.
  11. metrolax

    PJ Fleck, Gophers Have Turned in Multiple Rival Schools for Tampering

    Its likely that once a player announces he is entering the portal he can be contacted, but that's just my guess
  12. metrolax

    Tracy Claeys - What’s he doing now?

    Great defensive coach and a solid head coach as well. His one full season, 9-4, is often overlooked but will be fondly remembered more as time goes by
  13. metrolax

    NCAA President to propose New Division

    The issue eventually will be.....does your school's team/league more resemble the NFL (or CFL/USFL, etc) than it does the rest of FBS (and even FCS)? At the rate it is going, with no leadership in the process, about 25-30 colleges appear to be steering towards a new pro league, and the schools...
  14. metrolax

    Drew Viotto enters transfer portal.

    I'm hearing word of a fellow....from Africa....named Nanu. Anyone else?
  15. metrolax

    Fleck prediction

    Its all about want-to. Many schools display greater desire to excel in football than does the U.
  16. metrolax

    1982 vs 2023. Which collapse was worse?

    I also remember thinking they would bounce back vs Northwestern, but once a team becomes psychologically broken, there's very little to fix it with. I'm hoping that hasn't happened to the current team.
  17. metrolax

    Delaware moving to FBS, joining Conference USA

    Delaware should have moved up many years ago, actually
  18. metrolax

    Let's slow down on the Fire PJ Chatter

    I'm not privy to discussions, but I wonder if Fleck is operating with a very narrow field of candidates for his assistant coaching positions. He has his methods and particular culture, which I sense is more demanding on a coach than just Xs and Os and instruction. I get a palpable sense that...

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