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    All things D2 and D3 football 2022

    I've never been a D2/NSIC fan, so I have no idea. But, has Concordia-St. Paul ever been competitive? Do they have any football tradition at all? Seems like they should have a decent chance to be/have been a solid program, as the lone Twin Cities non-D1 program (pre-UST) that could offer any...
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    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    I mean, if that's true that you had to look them up, then you're clearly not a women's basketball fan or even somebody that has paid any attention to women's basketball in roughly the past 20 years. That's perfectly fine, but who exactly would you be comparing Paige Bueckers to favorably in...
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    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    "Rebecca who? Maya who? Diana who?" You just listed 3 of the all time best women's basketball players and insinuated people will forget them? I think Bueckers would be PERFECTLY fine with being listed as a nobody along those names.
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    John Beilein is my pick. Prove he's not the right choice

    I wouldn't say our women's basketball program has really been upgraded (outside of initial enthusiasm/excitement over the hire) with the Coyle hire, and I say this as a Whalen fan.
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    Pitino Era All-Time Starting Five and Sixth Man

    You'd seriously not have Mason or Coffey in the top 6/7 players of Pitino's era???
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    Just how voluntary do you think these practices will be?
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Maybe don't get so wrapped up with a high school student's though processes? Yeah, I would love for him to commit here, but the amount of anger/frustration shown by some on setting a date for an announcement is so odd to me.
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    All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

    This one seems to make the most sense to me. Getting proper licensing permission from the U of M to use their logo and game footage to use in the announcement video takes time. (This is not serious, before certain people absolutely lose their minds...though I do think finalizing a video does...
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    What is your, "I remember exactly where I was" Gopher Football Moment?

    Gophers beat Michigan on the road, 2005. Gary Russell springs down the sideline and busts a big one when essentially trying to run out the clock. Giannini kicks the game winner. I was a senior in high school, who had to prop a bathroom door open and lay on the floor, separate from my dad who...
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    Minnesota legend Bob Stein’s College Football Hall of Fame Surprise

    Random story: When I was young, I came home from school and there were two gentlemen at our kitchen table in Central MN talking with my dad. I have ZERO idea how it ever came to be, but turned out it was Bob Stein and former T-Wolves strength and conditioning coach Sol Brandys - and they were...
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    Minnesota High School Game Question - DeLaSalle vs CDH

    I'm thinking some of the hoops rubes on this board may be able to help. My wife and I are coming into Minneapolis for my birthday tonight and thought we would possibly try to catch the CDH vs. DeLaSalle game at 7:30 at DeLaSalle. Since we're from outstate, we don't know what to expect for...
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    Point Guard - Stull

    Wasn't Stull seen as a PG during his recruitment/commitment here? I can't tell what type of player he is...seems like an odd grad transfer type player here if he's supposedly PG-type and not playing there at all. Hopefully he can fill a role down the stretch and provide some type of...
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    Playing Time Question

    I've admittedly seen far less of the team this year than in the past, but Karley Barnes played a TON last year (more than I thought she should be) and in the few games I've seen this year I haven't seen her sniff the court. Lamke started over half the games last year and hasn't seen a second of...
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    All Things Movie/Documentary Reviews/Recommendations Thread

    Exit Through the Gift Shop - about a street artist and those who follow him. It seems like an odd premise, but is one of my favorite documentaries of all time.
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    Opening Kickoff - Should we have challenged?

    Sorry if I missed a discussion on another thread, but why did we not challenge the opening kickoff, or why was it not challenged from the booth? My understanding is that once the returner stepped out of the endzone, and then took a knee in the endzone, it should have been classified as a...
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    I think we just became best friends...haha. The Office, Seinfeld, Modern Family, and The Simpsons (I'd probably stretch about season 4-13/14) are my all-time favorite shows. Curb Your Enthusiasm is also fantastic. I have no other suggestions if you've already delved into those...
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    Mike Sherels

    Did anyone else see Coach Kill and Mike Sherels sitting next to each other and chatting during the basketball game today? Maybe there is some steam behind the story that Mike wanted to get onto the coaching staff at the U in some capacity? However, he is present at a lot of basketball games so...
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    Eliason vs. Dawson

    Just a relatively random question I was thinking about at the game tonight: Why is it that Dawson (despite red-shirting) dressed for most of the games early in the season while Eliason was in dress clothes for game one already? And, did Dawson ever get ruled ineligible last season or was it...
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    1999 PSU Question

    Does anybody have or know of where I can find a picture of the 1999 Game against PSU, when Nystrom hit the game winner? I'm looking for the picture from behind the line of scrimmage as he's kicking the ball. THanks.

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