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    Official 2025 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Rumor has it Emmerich said thanks, but no thanks to the Gophers. Could be the reason no offer has been made. Uncle was a good LB for Northwestern, so good bloodlines. Unfortunate he doesn't bleed maroon and gold.
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    100% This!

    Groves will be in the transfer portal before he helps the Gophers win a meaningful game.
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    Ola-Joseph has played less than 10 minutes over the past 10 games.

    JOJ has Big 10 athleticism and playground BB IQ and defensive ability. Same reason he came off the bench for his HS Prep team. Every time he played the last several games ( prior to concussion issues), the team defense suffered.
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    VIP Open Practice 2023

    I believe I heard Colorado State
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    VIP Open Practice 2023

    Christie is not participating in drills. Anyone know if he is injured?
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    Golden Gopher Fund Suite Invitation

    I am #475 on Gopher Score list and did not get this email or the other suite opportunity email. It must only go to big donors, of which I am not. BB season ticket holder for 42 years and FB for 15, which is why my Gopher Score is good. So loyalty counts, but only to a point.
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    All Things Grayson Grove Recruitment Thread (Class of 2024, Alexandria, MN; 6-8, 190lb; Gophers Commit!

    Probably a really good kid, but belongs in the MIAC based on film clips I have seen. I agree that bringing him in is better than not using all the scholarships like the past couple of years.
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    Coaches to Watch

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    Coaches to Watch

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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    Pretty easy to find someone better. Probably 100+ options better than Ben.
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    As expected, NW guards just chewing up MN.
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    1st year coach Dennis Gates has MIZZOU flying

    13-0 after dismantling Colorado State
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    B1G Game 1: Gophers Host Penn State (12-3-22)

    2 constants under Wahlen....poor defense and a lot of turnovers.
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    If we don't have him locked up in the next 10 days, I think he will go elsewhere. Although it could be different under Ben, we don't have a track record of getting commitments long after the OV.

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