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    Offensive optimism

    There’s no way around it our offense sucked last year. However, these are the reasons I think we will be much improved. Last year yeah our qbs were terrible, but our receivers didn’t help them. Only two weapons were Tyler Johnson and Demetrius Douglas who got hurt so majority of the year only...
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    Who will be first 19 commit

    Anyone a little nervous for this 2019 class that there has only been a couple good players that seem like there’s a chance they come to the U? Having said that when and who do you think will be our first commit
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    All Things 2019 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread - Tweets, Links, Video, Analysis

    There were 4 good prospects in 2018, he landed 3 of them. We missed on every recruit in 17 though. Just a reminder who we missed on Davison, Wright, Sims, Race Thompson, Nate Reuvers, Theo John, Gary Trent.
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    Final Scholarship Predictions

    Who do you all think we will get for final spot or potentially two depending on transfers? HS recruit/transfer/grad transfer?
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    Underclassnen MN talent

    Wanted to make this thread to keep track of MN talent that could be future scholarship players or gophers. Excited about all the talent coming up in state. 2019: Hurt Zeke Nnanji David Roddy Courtney Brown Tyrell Terry Antawn Kimmons Jamison Battle 2020 Suggs Ben Carlson Terry Lockett Dawson...

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