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    2 available for Nebraska

    I'll take them. Let me know how you want to be paid
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    Looking for 2 tickets for Nebraska

    Looking for two tickets to the game next Thursday. Not looking for the best of the best, just don't want to sit near the cornhuskers in the west endzone. Feel free to message me or let me know. Thanks!
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    SOLD 2 Tickets to Colorado Buffalos game 9/17

    Adding confirmation of tickets as I know I'm not an active poster on here (although long time lurker)
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    SOLD 2 Tickets to Colorado Buffalos game 9/17

    I have two tickets for the Colorado game this weekend that I just bought on StubHub yesterday, but got invited to sit next to some good friends who have extras available. My loss is your gain as I'm selling at a loss from what I paid on StubHub, but just want to recoup some of the funds...
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    Standing room only Tickets??

    Forgive my ignorance, with the sell out now confirmed, will there be a possibility of standing room only tickets becoming available for the general public or is the only option the secondary market? Thankful I have my tickets (thanks badgers for your kind return of 600 tickets!) but I have...
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    Wisconsin versus Minnesota, The Biggest Game in my Gopher Lifetime

    We damn near need to move this to the metrodome
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    Wisconsin Returns more than 600 tickets for next Saturday

    These returned tickets went FAST. literally just bought the last pair they had left. There were rows of them in 202 and 203 around 7pm tonight
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    Gopher Baseball 2019

    Does anyone know where or how I could get one of the masters hats given out the other night to the first 100 students. I would really really like to get one. If anyone knows or has a way to get one I would sincerely appreciate it.

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