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    Ayianna Johnson Enters the Portal

    Not shocked. She seemed frustrated with not more playing time vs Northwestern. I was hoping i was just reading into. Maybe still am but.....
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    WNIT Championship Game: Gophers versus St. Louis (4-6-24) @SIUE

    Where was Ayianna Johnson in the playoffs? I see she didn't play at all. Sorry, I was on vacation.
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    QB Max Brosmer of New Hampshire commits to the Gophers

    Maybe we all need to row the boat better. :)
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    Should we start a GoFundMe as our 2024 QB NIL?

    Can we send our GFM straight to here
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    So much for coaching him up. Let's steal someone else's coaching up star.
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    Press conference video from Ben Johnson

    I wanted Johnson to be the guy, but he definitely is not and not even close. Let me know when new coach comes in.
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    Duck Duck Beers Sightings

    Found Duck at WestSide in Willmar. Better than expected. Similar to GB Premium to me
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    Battle/Cooper/Garcia combine for 15 turnovers against Wisconsin

    This team will not run an offense. Pass once shoot anything more turnover. Hard to watch.
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    Who is your "Home Run" hire?

    Ben Jacobson N Iowa
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    Minnesota Head Basketball Coach Want List

    Ben Jacobson UNI Gregg Marshall

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