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    Cam Christie is entering the Transfer Portal

    He either needs to stay in the draft or come back to MN. Transferring to a new coach/team with uncertain usage would be a very risky move for Year 2.
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    BREAKING: Elijah Hawkins to transfer

    Let MCBB die. Then maybe it can start over.
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    How many visits has this guy taken already? Hope he finds it worth all the disruption. Would seem difficult to keep up with schoolwork at minimum.
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    U twitter: Mike Mitchell Jr. is returning for his senior season at Minnesota! 〽️

    A big Welcome Back and Thank You to MM. Hope we can take a step forward next year.
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    Dawson Garcia will return to Minnesota next season!!!

    Great news. If Garcia can shoot, shoot, shoot all summer and get his 3pt percentage to 38% with volume, it would make a world of difference for both him and the team next season.
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    LOL. College coaches are pure trash.
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    College basketball is a disaster

    The difference between the NBA and M-CBB is like the difference between a high school orchestra and the Chicago Chamber. The M-CBB product has never been worse and little point in watching unless its your team/player.
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    I also think he was unhappy with PT and not getting enough feeds in the post. The guy had no problem clearing space for entry passes; they just rarely came.
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    Payne, Carrington, Ola-Joseph and Ihnen...

    Hope they are both back for continuity's sake and that both get solid PT.
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    Payne, Carrington, Ola-Joseph and Ihnen...

    Carrington and JOJ probably going to lower-tier schools, though JOJ has some real potential that was untapped by our coaching staff. Payne will go to a strong school but he better choose wisely.
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    If he's THAT good why didn't he just declare for the NBA draft? 500K per year coming off the season he had? He's a good player but whatever the hell is going on in college basketball, it cant continue.
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    Sure Hope Ben is Right

    Payne will be nearly impossible to replace but if we're lucky, the incoming/outgoing player swap could actually improve the team on the court.
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    Kris K in the portal

    I could not understand it as well and have been concerned about his rotations for some time. After a strongish regular season it was imperative to bring most everyone back. Instead, we get another mass exodus. It seems a lot of players have not been happy playing for Johnson. Maybe he's a...
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    Its hard to fathom (to me) that a kid who had a solid year on an up-and-up team would just bail. He will likely make more money elsewhere, but beware the Law of Unintended Consequences.
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    NIL and portal destroying college hoops

    CBB is a complete disaster and I no longer follow it with any regularity. Its not just the lack of team (and conference and coaching) stability; its the product itself; its horse poo compared to what it used to be. Yet these big TV contacts keep happening, so someone must be watching. My sense...
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    Payne could have led the team to something special next year, but he quit. Good riddance.
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    Payne in portal (UPDATED: Payne commits to Texas A&M)

    He will end up at a very prominent program. My guess is Kentucky.
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    Isaiah Ihnen in the Transfer Portal

    Honestly, why is Ihnen still interested in playing college basketball?
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    College basketball is a disaster

    Its a total waste of time as a fan. Thank God for the NBA.

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