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    Minnesota kids you really enjoyed watching

    If you are referring to 2000 tartan, they got destroyed by the Carlson and patten boys of Litchfield by about 25.
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    Can staying in the draft

    I don't think that's too ridiculous. I'd rather have Nate Mason or Reggie Lynch than Christie. Of course, I'd rather have Christie than any of our current incoming transfers.
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    Winfield Jr. becomes highest paid DB in NFL History!

    I will never forgive spielman for passing on him. How much more obvious of a pick could there have been? Local all American that played high school with his own son at a position of need?!?!?!
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    Minnesota native Lu’Cye Patterson commits to the Gophers

    Also, we all complained because tubby played too many guys and no one could get in a rhythm.
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    All Things 2023-2024 Minnesota Timberwolves In-Season Thread

    Marc Davis has no problem throwing Carlisle out of the game tonight.
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    Minnesota kids you really enjoyed watching

    My buddy and I were watching the wolves the other day and reminiscing over the exploits of Steve Sir, CDH, and kip sparby, ROCCORI.
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    Parker Fox on Powertrip

    I wonder if they made the decision before our collapse and that was part of the cause or if they left in the middle of the collapse and it was part of the effect.
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    100% This!

    So basically IF everything falls into place we MIGHT be as good as a team that only received an NIT bid because a dozen teams opted out. I'll block off my March right now.
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    Fox is back!

    Better than Brian butch?!?!?!!
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    Fox is back!

    Ha, I didn't watch it all the way through the first time.
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    Official March Madness Thread

    I just hope neither get in foul trouble right away so we can see a big man matchup.
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    Official March Madness Thread

    I hope bama gets in a fight and has to play 5 on 3.
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    Official March Madness Thread

    We are witnessing a replay of UConn Butler from 2011 right now.
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    Official March Madness Thread

    Purdue would be up 15 if not for Smith.
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    Official March Madness Thread

    Love the timeout between free throws Immediately coming out of a timeout.
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    Official March Madness Thread

    So glad they're letting Gene Honda announce the starting lineups instead of how nantz took it over recently.

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