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    Gophers may be lone Big Ten team left out of Wrigley Field plans

    Obviously only need six of the seven teams. I have no idea, but would not be surprised in the least if the Gophers told the conference they would be fine if the other six teams did this and leave them out of it. Otherwise, I see no other reason the Big Ten would willingly include Penn State...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Wow, so you're saying baseball wouldn't get any scholarship money for athletes? They are allotted 11.7 scholarships now that can be spread out amongst the roster. Every player would be a walk-on or rely on some sort of NIL?
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    Sun exposure on north side?

    Yep, depends on when you're attending. Sunny side in October-November is a difference maker to the positive.
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    Minnesota will host Lindenwood in 2027

    I doubt the increased ticket sales are enough to overcome what is likely a large amount of less guaranteed money the Gophers had to pay Lindenwood to come here. UNI is likely in the $800k-$1m range to come here (out of pocket Gopher money sent to them). Total guess, but Lindenwood is likely...
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    Black Shoe Diaries: 2024 Opponent Snapshot: Minnesota

    Jah Joyner is easily this team's best pass rusher. He should lead Minnesota in sacks for a second straight season. Striggow will be a factor, and I foresee a breakthrough type season from Anthony Smith. It'll be interesting to see how Howard fits into the rotation as he gets settled in with...
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    PJ Fleck Podcast

    Stumbled across this, Fleck joined Grimm on a podcast this week. Some good stuff in there on a lot of topics, nothing mind-blowing, but a lot interesting. Most interesting (to me) was PJ saying he is more mellow in the new era of NIL because he is learning to worry less about what he can't...
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    Christie watch

    I don't follow it all that closely, but I believe the real fear with Cam isn't that a team will tell him they'll draft him in the first round. I don't think any team will tell him that. But, what if a team tells him they will draft him in the second round and guarantee him a two-way deal, or...
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    Ranking Big Ten men’s basketball coaches (#18. Ben Johnson, Minnesota)

    Given how much the head coach was playing two of those three sophomores at the end of the year, I think he would disagree with you. How could you consider what JOJ and Carrington did as sophomores compared to freshmen a "big jump"? JOJ went from starting almost every game as a freshman to...
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    All Things Jaxon Howard Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, COMMITS TO GOPHERS!!)

    For sure, I also think we'll see a steady dose of Anthony Smith rotating in at DE. Joyner, Striggow, Smith, and Howard on the ends could create some disruption for the QB. Likely, Logan-Redding will more of a rotational interior DL in 2024, I would think. Would not surprise me to see the...
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    Agree, Garcia absolutely has upside next year. His 3pt shooting this year was actually an outlier as much lower than his career average. Just get back to the norm and he improves. For everyone saying 5th year guys are who they are....c'mon. Most of the great teams in the Big Ten were led by...
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    At 18-14, will the Gophers make the NIT?

    The at-large teams are not picked straight off the NET rankings. A committee will consider resumes and invite the 20 at-large NIT teams based on the resumes, just as happens for the NCAA Tourney. So, #88 could get them in (I think probably will).
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    Cashman coming home

    I think he was walk-on his FR (2015) and SO (2016) seasons. He was awarded a scholarship in April 2017. So, he was full ride his JR (2017) and SR (2018) seasons.
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    All Things Weakling Wednesday

    Surely that won't be the case when the portal opens. The coaches surely know that, too, which is likely why the coach was talking about the scary part of that. Seemed to me he was fairly open about wanting early time studying and working the portal and adding to the roster. Maybe I was...
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    All Things Weakling Wednesday

    I happened to be in the car today listening to Ben Johnson's radio show and he was asked about importance of NIT games and he made it clear he felt it would be very beneficial for this particular team to play postseason games. However, and to your point, he later talked in depth about how...
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I'm not totally sold on that. AFTER that home Maryland loss, the Gophers still killed Nebraska and then beat #24 Purdue, seemingly resurrecting the season. Robbins hurt his ankle in that Purdue win. Then, they lost at Maryland, Gabe got hurt in practice and they were done at that point...
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    Spring Game Set For April 20th! (UPDATED: No Spring Game)

    So, it looks like no spring game this year. Just an open practice to the public on April 11th. @dbradford29 care to comment? ""
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    Ben Johnson is a Disaster

    I would add the final Pitino team was well on its way to making the NCAA Tournament before Liam Robbins and Gabe Kalscheur suffered season-ending injuries. After that, the team went 1-8 in the final nine games. Before that, they were 13-7 with wins over #4 Iowa, #7 Michigan, #17 Michigan...
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    All Things Weakling Wednesday

    You think coaches won't be allowed on computers to work the transfer portal while they prepare for an NIT game? It isn't a one or two day decision anyway. Most portal guys will wait around for teams to be done with postseason before finalizing anything, or they will be in the postseason and...
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    All Things Weakling Wednesday

    Sure, and most (likely all) of the NCAA bid stealers were already in the projected NIT field, so they are likely just trading spots, so it isn't like a ton of NIT spots are disappearing, particularly with the new NIT rules.

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