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    BREAKING: Elijah Hawkins to transfer

    yep just said the same thing to a co-worker!
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    Parker Fox on Powertrip

    He talked about how they had an inkling that the 3 sophomores were going to leave toward the end of the season.
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    Gopher Sports: Banham to Continue Basketball Journey with Connecticut Sun

    Will she continue on the Gophers coaching staff during the off season?
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    Silence from Hawkins and Christie is deafening!

    I just think it weird that they even need to announce they are coming back. They are there on a scholarship the expectation is that they will be back unless they announce they are entering the portal, entering the NBA draft or medically retiring or something like that. Just weird to me.
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    WNIT Championship Game: Gophers versus St. Louis (4-6-24) @SIUE

    We definitely need some speed and depth. So much to learn from this season.
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    U twitter: Mike Mitchell Jr. is returning for his senior season at Minnesota! 〽️

    Hawkins has already said he is staying. I believe he said it during a post game conference. I would think that would be official enough 🤷‍♀️
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    College Basketball Transfer Portal Thread - 2024

    Can someone let me know when this thread actually talks about 2024 portal information instead of just ripping on our head coach, which I believe there is already separate thread on that subject :rolleyes:
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    WNIT 2024 Game 4: Gopher Visit Troy (4-3-24)

    they just deleted the tweet.
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    LSU versus Iowa ... Who Do You Want To Win?

    It hasn't been an easy road for UConn this year. That team of 6-7 active players have played with a lot of guts and grit.
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    Big Men

    How fun is DJ Burns to watch 🙂
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    Transfer Portal 2024

    This is the only one that I have found.
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    Gophers guard Mike Mitchell Jr. is staying with Ben Johnson's program

    Oh good god when I opened the link I was sure it was going to say he entered the portal! Whew
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    Returning Playas for 2024-25

    How do you know they didn't try? Maybe JOJ wasn't receptive? Don't get me wrong I too think JOJ is extremely athletic but I think its a stretch to say they chose not to develop him. He started 19 games.
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    WNIT 2024

    I am not sure how the logistics would work with the MSHSL boys basketball state tournament being played at Williams Arena starting on Wednesday.
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    Post-season eligibility

    I cant remember where I read it, but I did read that Coach P would welcome an invite to the WNIT. Your thoughts if they are invited to the WNIT and both Sophie and Mara are cleared by then would you play them?
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    B1G Tourney Game 1: Gophers Versus Rutgers (2-6-24)

    Gosh I hope they can win this game. I hope they come out with determination.
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    not gonna lie I had to look up the meaning of perfunctory :)
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    Curious if anyone noticed was there any drama or reactions with Battle in the handshake line at the end of the game? The tv didn't show much.
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    Do we think Garcia will be back?

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