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    Current 2024 scholarship outlook

    Also, is Kallerup on this list? I have looked a couple times but perhaps I am just missing his name.
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    Video: P.J. Fleck says Gophers spring football is 'about bringing the floor up'

    Even though PJ talks about being a “development program”, we truly are not. Practice reps are largely the 1s and 2s with a lot of standing around by the others. If truly interested in being a developmental program, he would “double rep” during practices. I had the fortune of being invited to a...
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    STrib: Gophers NIL deals: social media, female athletes and football lead the way

    My understanding is that these figures are per event and not the maximum level the football players earned. In other words, a player can make multiple appearances and earn $5-$20,000 for each appearance.
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    Spring Game Set For April 20th! (UPDATED: No Spring Game)

    I tried to tell dbradford29 a couple of times nicely that his information was incorrect but he doubled down on it. Wishing we could have something more exciting for the fans but not happening this spring I guess.
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    Spring Game Set For April 20th! (UPDATED: No Spring Game)

    So given your confidence, what will the format be and will the public be invited? Your information still potentially conflicts with what I have been told will happen that day but no final clarity yet.
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    Spring Game Set For April 20th! (UPDATED: No Spring Game)

    Would be curious to hear the source for this information as it potentially conflicts with what I have been told regarding 4/20.
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    Official 2024 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Measurement is expanded width from pinky to thumb.
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    Isaac Fruechte Hired as Offensive Coordinator at North Dakota

    Guessing UND was scrambling a bit as their last hire for the OC job lasted all of 8 days and left for of all places, NDSU.
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    Gophers Football needs major help

    Seems like you haven’t payed much attention to college football this season. Iowa will be in the Big 10 championship with QB1 and QB2 this season as portal adds (year 25 or so for Ferentz btw). PAC 12 championship last night had both starting QBs as transfer adds. I could go on with many more...
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    2023 MN High School Football season

    6A level seems down this year to me. Centennial and Edina are clicking at the right time but neither team seems that strong compared to the last 2-3 year’s Championship games. Seems to be some parallels between EP and what people don’t like about the Gophers. Stop the running game and the...
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    Did Fleck sit Lindenberg to preserve his redshirt?

    Cody was hurt in IL game. Was on crutches earlier this week.
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    #27 DB Tyler Nubin Gives Up Game-Losing Bomb TD Score by Illinois

    Plenty of blame here to go around so this the last I will say on this but starts with a terrible call by Rossi in my opinion. Cover 2 is susceptible down the middle and you had the Big 10s best slot receiver basically running down the middle of the field. Goosby did have another receiver running...
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    #27 DB Tyler Nubin Gives Up Game-Losing Bomb TD Score by Illinois

    We were in cover 2 meaning each safety was responsible for half of the field and pass went to Nubins half of the field. Completely his responsibility. One could say it was a terrible call by Rossi for that situation but Nubin should have been much deeper in his drop.
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    #27 DB Tyler Nubin Gives Up Game-Losing Bomb TD Score by Illinois

    MN was not in man coverage on that play. Nubin should have been several yards deeper than the receiver. No reason for that play to be as wide open as it was. Blown coverage plain and simple, which should not be happening with someone of his level of experience. Personally thought Nubin had a...
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    POST GAME THREAD: Gophers Get Convincing Win Over MSU

    I guess those complaining about Gopher attendance didn’t see the pictures of the “sold out” crowd in Lincoln or earlier this year at the sparse crowds at USC and UCLA when it was too “hot”. MN crowds can definitely be a bit fair weathered but we are hardly alone in this.
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    Wow: Kirk Ciarrocca Takes OC Job at Rutgers

    What I am hearing: Ciarrocca primary leaving for money and the move came as a surprise. OC will be an internal hire due to lesson learned with Sanford and fear of losing Athan (he has NFL potential). Other hires coming after coaches convention.
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    Brick Haley to Purdue

    Hearing Winston is the guy.
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    I have seen a ton of Maple Gove games this season. Personal opinion is that Kilzer is the most under recruited player in the state. Tough kid, tremendous athlete, and wins games.
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    Rosemount not only got their ass kicked, they should be completely embarrassed by certain of their players. Never seen a more classless team.
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    All Things 2022 Minnesota High School Football Thread

    Back to the championship talk. Here are my thoughts for 6A. Rosemount - cannot play one-dimensional and win this game. Will need to have at least the threat of a passing attack. Can their defense play to form against the most versatile offense they have faced. Maple Grove - Key will be to get...

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