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    Any guesses on the next Gopher baseball coach??

    While far from Dinky Town, a coaching friend mentioned Dan Fitzgerald (Kansas) at one-time was interested in the Gopher job, though that was when he was an assistant at Dallas Baptist. From Edina.
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    Tom Izzo: Ben's done an unbelievable job with the program, they could be the #1 team in the league next season.

    Izzo advocated for keeping Todd Lickliter to keep his job, too. Should be a kiss of death.
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    Iowa, Iowa State investigating athletes gambling

    It is a compliance expectation and has been for some time.
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    Barta to Retire as Iowa AD

    I was not aware Beth Goetz identifies as Black.
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    Athletic Department Contact

    I work in development for a higher-ed institution. You captured it perfectly. We share more intimate details and engage individuals in a personal manner. There’s no used-car salesman pitch in our tool kit, or not for successful people in the industry.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Northwestern's pitching coach, hitting coach, and director of ops all stepped away from the program after starting 0-6 on the season.
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    Could next weeks Iowa game be the coldest game in recent memory?

    2010 game at TCF was my coldest of memory due to the snow in the stands and corners. And Iowa lost, so football was very stupid that day. I hope the Coyles make for a more welcoming environment.
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    NIL at Warp Speed

    They can. You could have the local car dealership pay kids for autographs if you’d like.
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    Iowa OL News

    I mean, maybe. The TE position at Iowa gets plenty of love in the form of targets. He and former QB, Deuce Hogan, were Texas recruits with a close relationship. Both are now gone.
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    Iowa OL News

    Ince is stepping away due to injuries. Sucks, as he was good when healthy. Yelverton never seemed to pan out.
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    Ferentz reportedly extended through 2029

    Unlike MN, Iowa gives out extensions after 10 wins seasons rather than ahead of losses to Bowling Green. I’ll look forward to another 7 straight wins over the Gophers.
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    Riley Moss returning to Iowa

    You mean Iowa hasn’t had a QB as an individual who finished second in the Heisman like Banks? Odd. There’s a large gap in between. The current twosome of Petras and Padilla is terrible. Prior to the current couple, the lineup was Stanley and Beathard prior. Each would’ve won Iowa the bowl game...
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    He’s been shedding tears since ‘04 and his second conference title.
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    Here's the difference for Iowa winning the west!

    Not quite. I’ll drink to you all in Indy, however.
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    Gopher radio in Iowa City?

    A listener to the Iowa broadcast would wonder the score all afternoon, buddy boy, but surely know when the Hawks enter the CASE IH REDZONE!
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    Iowa Rollcall

    Here's the gameday parking page: The physical address is 141 Park Rd, Iowa City, IA 52242. I have never tailgated at the state fairgrounds, but imagine similarities as a shuttle runs to the stadium. It's about a 25 minute walk if you prefer to enjoy...
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    Iowa Rollcall

    What time are you arriving? The Hancher lot is free and you won’t wait 3 hours to leave. I’m unaware of any parking lot that would take 3 hours to leave.
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    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    The Quad Cities: a fine example of Iowa hospitality, especially when it adds nearly 2 hours to the drive from MN.
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    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    Cedar Rapids is the best option at present. The DoubleTree offers plenty of options within walking distance. Don’t stay in Urbana.
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    Week 5 Other Games Thread

    Not through 5 weeks you haven’t. Previous high-water teams have not made games easy business like this year. Haven’t needed two blocked field goals against UNI or a 55 yard field goal to beat Pitt yet…but the magic seems to be there.

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