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    All Things Gopher Players Appeals Process

    So the accuser gets an advocate to help prove her side but the players can't introduce anything that the accuser doesn't agree to include? This is such a mockery of an actual fair proceeding.
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    Jawan Hawes Decommits

    Looks like Jawan Hawes has decommitted today as well.
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    What? When? How? And other random questions.

    After the loss this weekend, the majority of which was difficult to watch, and the predictable subsequent meltdown on gopherhole, a few questions came to mind. Some of the questions, I can't give a concrete answer myself. So I am interested to see what some of you extraordinary ladies and...
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    2012 BBall team = 2008-2011 Hockey Team

    The disinterest and unwillingness to respond to coaching of the current bball team reminds me of hockey teams of the recent past. The nonchalant attitude and lack of intensity are frustrating to watch. Does anyone else see similarities? Lucia has regained a little this year but prior to this...
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    How far down the list of underwhelming HCs does Maturi have get better he realizes that good coordinator will be far better suited than some guy who can't win at a mid-major or some guy in the UFL (or whatever it is). Point is at stage, a Brent Venables or Kirby Smart hire would look far better...
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    Will Lucia survive?

    I wouldn't compare Tubby's last few teams at Kentucky to Lucia's past few years here. Tubby's teams were much better compared to the recent teams that Lucia has putting on to the ice. Tubby went 22-12 in his last year at Kentucky. Lucia is struggling to break .500 this year. They are...

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